8 Instagram Tools to Boost Your E-commerce Sales


Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing application for Android and the iOS acquired by Facebook in April 2012, has extended its services to promote products and services too.

Did you check out its new interface?

Gone are the days when Instagram was only considered to be a platform to post a “selfie,” today, the user-friendly social media platform is helping E-commerce business owners an opportunity to not only promote their products but also connect with the right audience and engage with them based on Instagram’s big data analytics.
What does Instagram audience mean to E-commerce business owners?

Recording 700 million monthly active users, imagine the chances of reaching and targeting the correct audience?

Nike, Victoria Secret, Chanel, H&M are among the top leading brands rated by the number of Instagram followers as of May 2017.

With one million actively monthly advertisers, have you adopted Instagram Business for your product/brand promotion?

If yes, are you actually making use of the tools that Instagram provides?

Using hashtags (#) and posting quality content about your E-commerce products and services can help you attract the audience, but are you sure if they are the right ones for you?
What are the best Instagram tools to target audience correctly for your E-commerce business?

1 - Instagram Add Location

With Instagram users from across the globe, the first thing you would like to ensure your products are visible in the correct locality.

Tool: Instagram Add location tool will allow you select the area as per the demand of your product and attract potential customers and sales for your business.

For instance, if you are a vendor offering winter products, you can select and promote your seasonal products as per the favorable location with time.

Where can you find Instagram Add Location tool?

If you have turned on your location service in your smartphone, Instagram will automatically add the Geotag metadata automatically to product photo or video you have shared.

You can manage your location settings from your phone “Location” or “Location Service” settings tab.

If your Location service is active and your phone has automatically added a location to your shared content, don’t worry Instagram will allow you to add, edit or remove location even after you have posted your content.

Step 1- Select the content/photo/video you wish to edit the location

Step 2- Locate a three dotted icon next to your profile picture at the right corner.

Step 3- Tap on the icon where you’ll find multiple options from where you can click on the edit menu.

Step 4- This will direct you to the edit page from where you can locate the “Add Location” icon below your profile picture.

Step 5- Click on Add Location and select the location you wish to target and confirm the changes by tapping the tick mark button at the top right corner of the page.

2 - Instagram ad targeting

Instagram being a popular photo and video sharing application, you will find all age group and gender. However, targeting your products and services, in general, may take time (even years) for you to earn desirable conversion rates for your E-commerce business.

Tool: Instagram ad targeting tool will help you filter your search for the correct audience and target them confidently. However, you must have a Facebook page and a free business profile to run Instagram adverts. If you don’t have one yet, create one to take its benefits.

For instance, if you are selling handbags and clutches you may not want to include men and children in your Instagram adverts.

How does Instagram Ad targeting help?

Having an ability to separately target audience as per their likings will ensure you are spending your marketing costs and effort at the correct place improving conversion rates for your E-commerce site.

- Understand audience as per their interest

Instagram ad targeting tool will help you analyze interest by each age group and with 25-34 contributing the highest usage, you might want to filter your audience to offer them with products that they are sure to engage with and increase sales opportunities for your E-commerce business.

- Understand audience as per their behaviour

Additionally, you’ll be able to track user’s behaviour based on Consumer Classification, Digital activities, Mobile user and more helping you reach potential audience for your marketing strategies.

3 - Custom and Lookalike Audience targeting

These tools will not only allow you to personalize your marketing strategies for your existing customers, however, it will also help you find new audience based on your current customer base.

Custom audience targeting will make it easy for you perform effective email marketing and loyalty promotional campaigns to make your customers stick to your site for long.

This can be accessed via custom files, the Facebook pixel, the Facebook SDK (for mobile app users), and engagement custom audience on Facebook.

For instance, if you are a sweet vendor, you would like your customers to shop from you for the upcoming festivals and special occasion, therefore, targeting them with special discounts for your exclusive products will make them feel special and increase sale orders for your E-commerce store.

Lookalike audience targeting is a subset of your Custom audience which will automatically find people on Facebook to boost conversions by targeting audience who have already shown interest in your products and offerings, online.

For instance, if you are selling computer products, with this Instagram tool get a chance to explore potential audience who have engaged with hardware products as per your existing customer purchase behavior.

4 - Instagram video advert targeting

In April 2016, Instagram has added video to its list of effective promotional tool that is allowing business owners to create a 60-second video advert to capture the attention of relevant audience and make them engage with your brand.

A call-to-action/learn more button will be provided to link your e-commerce website. Performing video advert targeting can help you encourage your followers to take action on-the-go

For instance, if you have launched a new product or want to be loud about your promotional products? This tool can help you inform your customers in creative ways and optimize your video targeting strategies with time.

5 - Instagram Carousel advert targeting

This Instagram tool is helping e-commerce business owners and marketers, an ability to allow customers engage with their products using multiple carousel cards with links to difference landing pages of your website.

For instance, if you are into an online footwear business or even apparel, Instagram Carousel tool will allow you to showcase your product in different angles and offer specific details for each carousel images to better inform your potential audience.

6 - Instagram stories advert targeting

After the success of Instagram carousel advert, Instagram immediately launched its Stories functionality allowing to expand their promotional strategies than offered via single image.

For instance, if you sell multiple products, then showcasing the making of your exclusive products or even the introduction of your new products will help you show off your brand quality and updates that you are capable of providing your customers.

7 - Automated targeting

Follow Adder is an Instagram marketing automation tool will help you boost real number of followers, likes and comments based on variety of parameters including location, demographics, and interests.

How does it help?

Adopting Follow Adder’s Instagram promotional tool will help you save time by creating search streams that follow relevant users, hashtags and keywords. This way, you can expand your followers and improve your e-commerce business visibility in Google search engines too.

Key Benefits

Maximize your Instagram and Facebook followers

Divert niche Instagram followers

Automate regular postings and updates about your products and services

Improve conversion rates

8 - Optimize for ad delivery

Last, but not the least- Optimization for ad delivery is one of the most powerful tool offered by Instagram for improving sales for your e-commerce business.

Offering a list of advertising objectives whether you want to reach people near your business, drive engagement, increase conversion, generate new leads, raise awareness, get relevant audience to claim your offers, installation and increase conversion for your e-commerce business mobile application- this tool will allow you multiple opportunities to encourage potential and make them purchase, or even sign up with your brand for their future purchases.

For instance, if you optimize your ad delivery for “reach” this tool will automatically show your ad to audience who are local and live nearby your area of business.

Closing note

With the above you will be able to spend more time on your content and less time posting making the best out of each promotional campaigns you run on Instagram.

Save time in your promotional strategies with Instagram tools and increase your number of Instagram followers now (:



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