8 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Hiring is a risky process, no matter what kind of applicants you receive. Some applicants look amazing on paper but don’t fit in well with your team. Others fit in well but don’t have much experience. Whatever the situation is that the potential candidate is in, follow these easy 8 hiring tips to amp up the hiring process for your business.

1. Clarify the Position

The first thing candidates will see about your company is the job listing. They will search career websites using specific keywords that you must include in order for them to find your job posting. Explain exactly what the candidate will be doing and how it will be a valuable contribution to your business. This will help spark interest in your company. Candidates like knowing what part they will play in your company and how it will affect your overall business.

2. Challenge the Candidate’s Awareness

An excellent quality that potential candidates will possess is awareness of the company. Either they were extremely interested in the company before they applied or they did enough research to make it come off as that way during the interview process. One way you can examine their knowledge is to ask questions from your FAQ page to see if they have made an attempt to learn about your company and industry already.

3. Support Adjustable Working Conditions

If you allow a variation of separate working conditions like working from home or local shops instead of working eight hours every day in a potentially windowless and stuffy office, chances are your candidate will find this extremely appealing. Having a different work environment can relieve stress and boost happiness.

4. Allow Your Team to Recruit

A good way for your team to get to know future employees is to allow them to help you in the recruitment process. There is no better person to assess candidates than a current team member. Your team members know your business like the back of their hand. They will be able to help bring in perfect candidates for your business because they understand your core values and can see if candidates do, too.

5. Constantly Express That You’re Hiring

Your business will receive more applicants if you display that you’re always hiring. Going through the interview process and receiving information on candidates is a great way to see if someone is a fit for your company. Even if you aren’t hiring at that time or don’t feel that they’re perfect for that position, you can write down the candidate’s information if you feel that they would be a good fit if a different position were to open up.

6. Assess the Candidate Before Hiring

Because hiring is expensive, take the time to test out candidates’ skills and see how they work and interact with others. If they’re a good fit and you like their work ethic, hire them. You can even find software programs to help with this.

7. Ask Different Questions to Determine Cultural Fit

During the interview process, it is important to ask normal interview questions such as “what is your biggest weakness” and “where do you see yourself in five years.” It is equally important to ask questions such as what they do for fun or what type of music they enjoy to help determine if they’ll fit in with your company. Check out this list of questions to determine if someone would be a good match.

8. Onboard the New Members

Onboarding is an important process to help integrate new hires into the company. It starts during the interview process. You have to communicate the company’s objectives with candidates so they know what your business ethos is and if they agree with it. You can even post information about the culture of your company on your FAQ page, because it will help filter out the good from the bad candidates. Once you hire a candidate and have more information about him or her, send an email to the rest of your employees so they can help the new hires feel comfortable and like they’re already a part of the team, even on their first day.

How Will These Tips Benefit Your Business?

Finding the perfect candidates is vital for your company’s success. Following these tips will help you save time, filter out candidates who don’t fit the culture and help you find amazing candidates that fit in perfectly. Following these steps will benefit your company in the long run because if you have great employees, your company’s productivity will increase, which will then lead to success.


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Friday, 19 July 2019
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