8.5% of board members in Ireland are women

Our researcher in Ulster Bank (thank youLisa) send us this. Figures from GMI Ratings show that around 8.5% of board members in Ireland are women compared to an average of 11.1% in the world’s industrialised countries. The average in emerging markets is 7.2%.

The situation shows little signs of getting better. Ireland is one of just three industrialised countries to see a decline in the % of women on boards over the past three years. Greece and the Netherlands are the other two, suggesting that countries experiencing extreme economic pressure may be less likely to take a “risk” on a woman. Just under 78% of Irish companies have at least one woman on the board compared to an average of 63% across industrial countries. Portugal – 36%, Italy 42%

5.6% of Irish companies have three women board members – average is 10.5%

Global  Averages

11.1% - % of female directors

1.4% - increase in % women 2009 – 2011

10.5% - % of companies with at least 3 female directors

63.3% - % of companies with at least 1 female director

1.9% - % companies with female board chairs

12.1% - % of female gov / nom committee members

13.3% - % of women on audit committees

12.6% - % of women on nom / gov committees

12.4% - % of women on comp committees

8.3% % female audit committee chairs

Leading investors and corporations agree that director diversity improves the quality of board discussions and decisionmaking, and contributes to organizational and financial performance. Nominating committees seeking to increase board diversity, however, sometimes struggle to find an adequate pool of candidates through traditional sources.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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