7 Top Tips For Email Marketing For Your Business


Email marketing is a great way to increase sales and improve your business – if you do it properly. There are some things that can lower your chances of connecting with your customers or making a sale – broken links, bad offers or grammar mistakes as well as wrong emails sent to wrong segments – but there are also some good practices that you can implement to get the best results. Here are 7 top tips for email marketing for your business. 

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1. Segment your target market

Research each of your segments and target your emails specifically for each and every one of them. The same email will not work for everyone. You could segment by customer lifecycle, or by high spend vs lapsers, or by geography. Taking the time to get to know each segment of your target market makes your email strategy even more likely to deliver results.

2. Have a clear call-to-action

Calls-to-action are an important part of every email. You can't really get your users to where you want them to be without including a CTA. Having one CTA, clear and concise at the top of your email adjustable to any screen is a good way to grab your readers' attention.

You only have a few seconds to get them to notice and click on your link. Make that link count. It's always worth testing emails so try sending half of your list a different CTA and check if there's any uplift. Testing emails can really help to improve your open and clickthrough rates

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3. Create customer loyalty campaigns

Customer loyalty campaigns are a great way to increase repeat purchases – returning customers have more worth than new ones. They are already familiar with the brand, they enjoy your products and they would maybe love to do something for you – write a review or spend more money in order to acquire unique and exclusive rewards. These are often a great incentive.

Another thing you can do is offer some sort of discount for repeat purchases, subscribers that engage etc.

4. Create a 'We Miss You' campaign

'We Miss You' campaigns are a good opportunity to show your creativity and the level of care you have about your customers. “If you notice that one of your subscribers has been absent from your store for a while, you have a chance of communicating with them and retrieving their attention”, - explains Bobbie Haggins, an Email Marketer at Academized.

These emails are usually fun to read because a brand is speaking directly to the customer and depending on what your brand voice is, you can create various jokes, stories and content. This email should also include a special offer for those customers who have been away for a while. 

5. Format your emails in a compelling way

Without proper formatting, your emails might get forgotten or unread. You don't want to spend time and money on emails that fail to get opened.  People are too busy and too distracted to actually devote time to reading your email thoroughly – that's why they merely scan it for the most prominent parts.

This is a good opportunity for you to include formatting techniques like

  • bolding important parts
  • using plenty of subheadings, images and illustrations,
  • using a readable font
  • creating bullet point lists and short paragraphs.

This way, no matter how long your content is, your readers will be able to get the most out of it. 

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6. Create compelling subject lines

Subject lines offer an introduction to what you are about to share with your readers and they give you a unique opportunity to hook them. An average user gets about 416 commercial emails on a monthly basis and in order to get noticed, you need to stand out.

A good way to stand out is to create a catchy, attention grabbing subject line. This is easy to do – make a brief description of what is in the email, propose a question or a promise of a problem solved. However, make sure that you don't make it seem like click-bait. Most mailing software providers give tips on generating concise and attractive subject lines too, to maximise open rates. 

7. Edit and proofread thoroughly

While creating powerful and engaging campaigns is important, they won't matter much if your text is full of misspelled words and grammar mistakes. These often repel people and they see the brand as less professional and less trustworthy.

Email marketing is an easy way to reach your customers and engage with them on a deep, personal level, so hopefully some of these tips have inspired you to try new things out on your email strategy.  

Over to you now. Any other tips on email marketing to share? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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