7 Tips to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is among the most powerful marketing tools of the 21st century. With over 135 million professional users worldwide, it is an ideal tool for making business connections.

Many business owners are opting to use LinkedIn for various reasons: to find possible candidates for the organizations or as a platform for doing business. The point is, if you are not using this platform to market yourself or business, then it’s time to step your game up and consider it seriously.

Nowadays, it has become difficult to stand out in the marketplace without an effective marketing tool. Here are 8 LinkedIn tips that will significantly increase your marketing ability.

1. Ensure Your Profile is Complete

"The first thing that appears when you send a request to a person on LinkedIn is their profile. Remember your profile is the heart of your online business brand. The first impression can either land you a deal or lose one. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date. An essential element of a solid profile is a high quality and professional looking photo." - said Alison Evans, Marketing Manager at CareersBooster.

Also, ensure your profile is completed on 100% and actually interesting. Be very precise about what you do and how you can help.

2. Focus on Growing Your Network

The larger network is, the more opportunities you will have to engage with your audience. Some people will say that you only need to connect with those you know and can trust. But how do you expect to expand your options when you don’t reach out to the rest of over 85 million members on LinkedIn?

Come to think of it. It’s time to use LinkedIn as your networking platform and introduce yourself to others, and start helping more people connect.

Start sending and accepting invitations to connect and expand your network. Use an advanced people search tool to locate people based on the leads you want to generate, and request for an introduction to help you contact members who are around your network. This will help you create more opportunities in the long run.

3. Post Links and Relevant Content on Your Status

Consistently posting useful and relevant information on your profile and company page is a great way to increase your opportunities of being viewed as many times as possible. It helps to showcase personal abilities, and previous you’ve done for other customers.

Provide interesting and useful information and include relevant links to other articles on your status updates. In the end, it is all about building connection and gaining the trust of your followers.

4. Follow other LinkedIn Company Pages

To get your company on the prospects’ radar, follow your customers, partners, and other company pages and engage them by interacting, liking, and sharing their updates regularly. It is also important to use other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to get more interactions.

Ensure you connect your LinkedIn account with Twitter. Some may say that this is a bad idea since a lot of messaging will not be targeted to your LinkedIn audience, but it will help your message stay at the top of people’s mind.

5. Join LinkedIn Target Groups

LinkedIn Groups is a place where professionals share content and useful information, post jobs, find answers, establish themselves as experts, and make business connections. LinkedIn features a group directory that has nearly 2 million different groups.

It is important to join several groups which are the best way to reach out to your target audience and actively engage with the group members. Think of them as social networks with the right community where you can spread your message, network with other people, and elevate your business to the next level. Some people even prefer to start their own LinkedIn Groups and act as the group’s facilitator.

6. Optimize Your Profile for Search Ranking

Every day, new people are constantly searching for others and businesses on LinkedIn. They want to connect with employee candidates, industry experts, partners, freelancers, and so on. But did you know that you can improve your search by optimizing your profile?

You can optimize your profile for search ranking to enable people to find you based on what you specialize in. Furthermore, a lot of people will be emailing or contacting you to offer your services and sell products.

7. Advertise

LinkedIn has selected a number of advertising options to make your personal work better and promote your business fully. It has marketing solutions for every business to help you get the message across a wider network and to achieve business goals with this platform.

To enjoy these features, go to Linkedin marketing solutions and navigate through to see which ads best fits your business.

So, perhaps you are thinking about getting started with your LinkedIn profile, or you already have an account but you don’t know what to do next. These 7 tips will help you get started with your LinkedIn account and turn it into a powerful marketing tool. If you want to take things to the next level on LinkedIn, use this guide and make the best out of it.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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