7 Tips to Higher Level Customer Satisfaction


Achieving high customer satisfaction is crucial for businesses to achieve repeat purchases and increase customer retention. While there are no rigid rules or strategies to keep customers satisfied, following certain best practices will definitely help to achieve higher customer satisfaction in any industry or sector. Here are 7 tips to higher level customer satisfaction:

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1. Well trained customer service staff

Customer facing staff such as front line customer service representatives must be effectively trained in soft skills, customer handling skills, including strong product/process knowledge to serve visiting customers. Frontline staff forms the first impression on the customers and their behavior plays a dominant role in maintaining a high-level customer satisfaction.

2. Collect timely feedback and act upon it

Collecting feedback from the customers after a sale by making a courtesy call will make the customers feel valued. Seeking their feedback over the phone or electronically through emails or live chat will help to understand any grievances or areas of dissatisfaction. Such areas can be acted upon and strategies must be formulated to provide permanent solutions to such customer problems.

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3. Communicate clearly and listen actively

Understanding customer problems the very first time and giving them a proper resolution through clear and open communication keeps customers satisfied. Most people are more loyal to companies that solve their problems afterwards.

4. Maintain an effective CRM

It's worth creating and maintaining a good CRM system with information about your customers such as frequency and nature of products purchased and/or services availed.  This data will help in creating customer profiles and tailor the services according to their needs & expectations.

This will also help to identify potential loyal customers making repeat visits, either online or offline and create loyalty schemes to make them happy. 

5. Adopt state of the art technology

In our technology-driven global business environment look at how you can deliver customer service through state of the art technology such as social media, mobile apps, chatbots etc. Integrating your customer relationship management system with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, will help to interact with the customers, exchange feedback, share ideas and involve customers in business activities.

Nowadays, the use of smartphones has changed the shape of marketing and building customer networks. Remaining connected with the customers through mobile applications will help them to conduct transactions with the company at the comfort of their home and as per their convenience. This can also provide customers with convenience of shopping, making payments, tracking merchandise, return merchandise, availing discounts, gaining loyalty points etc at the touch of a button. All lending itself towards higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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6. Provide excellent after sale service

Strive to deliver excellent after sale service once the sales transaction is over. Making regular follow ups on customer complaints, product replacements, servicing on defective products, return merchandising etc are a few examples of where customers would expect efficiency, honesty and transparency. 

7. Aim to achieve customer delight

Instead of striving to achieve high customer satisfaction, set goals to achieve customer delight by going an extra mile. Treating the customers as the most important stakeholders, offering customer-centric solutions, delivering value through an appropriate combination of a marketing mix (fair combination of product, price, place, promotions) combined with excellent after sale service are all part of delighting your customer.


Satisfied customers not only end up being loyal, repeat customers but also recommend others to choose the company which helps cut new customer acquisition costs as well. So build in processes and goals around customer satisfaction (and delight) to help this happen. 

Over to you now. Do you implement any of these in your business? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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