7 Social Media Starter Tips for Clear Cut Success


Social media is like the cherry on the top of the sundae. Can you enjoy a successful business without it? Sure. But wouldn't it be the perfect combo with it?

If you are starting out as a social media person there are certain norms you need to know before you step into the sea of social media space. Here are some tips that can help the fresh social media geeks.

1. Stick to one Social Media platform

As a beginner, you might be dumbfounded where to invest your social media campaigns. But let me tell you this, and this is by experience. Instead of jumpstarting with several platforms you need to start with one. A mistake was done by many starters, often pay them later on.

A good practice is to do some research before you even start. Pick out the influencers in your niche and see where they are. Built repo with the influencers and ask them to give a review about your product.

2. Optimize the social media profiles

Once you have decided which social media platforms you want to use, next step is to optimize your profiles on those sites. By optimizing your profiles you will increase your chances of getting more followers which are a good way to boost your SEO.

Here are some rules you need to follow to make the best out of social media profiles:

- Everyone is blessed with a wonderful face, so why represent yourself with a dog, or a cat or even a flower. On social media platform use your real face. A real face will help you to connect with real people.

- You are here on social media to connect with people and if you do not give them something about yourself they will not connect. Write a small description of what you do or what does your company do.

- Share something useful with your profile. You can share the top ten trends or any tips that can help you grow your social media presence. This is the most addictive topic among Entrepreneurs and small businesses.

- Make sure to include your website on your Facebook profile and Twitter profile.

- Make sure to include your website on your Facebook profile and Twitter profile. For an effective social media marketing you need to make sure you give all that can represent you in social media.

3. Link your site with all the social media platforms

The best form of marketing is done via your social media platforms. Make sure that you link your website with all the social media platforms. There are different procedures to embed social media platforms on your website. But best is to use plugins that give some value added options.

4. Balance between Followers and Following

Balance is always good. You need to keep a balance among the two constraints. Not many followers and no less following.

A strong profile, in this case, is someone that has more followers than following and someone that is followed by people who are considered influencers in the niche.

5. Share sticky content

This is the foundation you need to build if you really want a successful social media campaign. The old saying ‘Content is King’ is still true. No matter how great your website is, or how users perceive it, if the content on the website is not engaging, people will not stick to it. And if people don’t stick to the content people will not trust and buy the products from you.

What you can share, here are some tips:

- Articles/Stories/Pages related to your niche but not only from your own website.
- Interesting statistics about your niche
- Motivational Quotes related to your niche or otherwise
- Research studies
- Images and Videos
- Funny stuff- whatever your niche, you can share once in a while a joke, a funny image or video to make your followers smile

6. Don’t forget to follow back

Every social media platform has some norms under which people operate. For Twitter the ethics are if someone follows you, you need to follow them back. This rule is not written anywhere but while on Twitter you will realize the importance of following back.

If you don’t do this on a regular basis then most likely some will un-follow you and this is why you may sometimes notice a decrease in the number of followers.

7. Follow the Rules

Use social media to communicate with people. Social media is not just a tool to spam the timeline. In fact, there are some rules that you need to follow to be distinct in social media. Keep your sharing as useful as possible. No not offend any of your contacts. Discuss what is important any move away from anything that is unproductive.

Try to spend your time in creating a great social media profile that will stand over time and why not become one of the authoritative profiles in your niche.


To conclude it all social media is based on 2 pillars. First, your profile creation, second what you do with those profiles. If you go over to any responsive website you will notice how beautifully everything is laid down.

For the first pillar, it is important to keep your profile as engaging as possible for your potential network so they can feel comfortable around you.

For the second pillar, it is important to follow the right people and share the relevant content.



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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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