7 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

As we enter the second half of the 2010s, the buyer journey continues to evolve. Customers are no longer locked to desktops or laptops but can interact with companies and each other using various channels with M-Commerce and social media growing rapidly. Companies are fighting a content war and technology is becoming even more ingrained with modern marketing best practice.

Silverpop (An IBM Company) recently released its 7 Key Marketing Trends for 2015, here is an overview of their findings:

Stored payments change the way people shop as reducing friction becomes a priority Mobile email and website interaction has risen steadily in recent years, but the increased smartphone usage has created a challenge for marketers, since the majority of conversions have continued to take place on desktop/laptop computers or tablets.

Key tactics for removing mobile buying friction in 2015

  1. Ask new subscribers for payment information.
  2. Give purchasers a one-click alternative.
  3. Remind and remarket.
Mobile apps 2.0 shift the way companies market to on-the-go customers Many businesses have looked at mobile apps as a necessary evil, something they can contract out to a third party, check off their mobile marketing checklist, and then forget about as they return to their regularly scheduled marketing plan. Little wonder, then, that 20 percent of apps are used only once, and about 60 percent are opened less than 10 times.

Key tactics for improving mobile app engagement in 2015

  1. Create a drive-to-app plan.
  2. Repurpose content with a twist.
  3. De-silo your app.
Emails become skeletal frameworks for delivering relevant, timely content based on database values In 2015, more digital marketers will transition to becoming strong data-based email marketers. Specifically, savvy marketers will increasingly use data to customize what images and text are used in emails.

Key tactics for making your emails more relevant in 2015

  1. Expand your data sources.
  2. Combine rules.
  3. Make incremental changes.
The customer journey moves to center stage in digital marketing For many old-school marketing traditionalists, digital marketing technology is still primarily used for generic push emails focused on products, offers and company news.

Tactics for moving the customer journey center stage

  1. Improve Your Email Magnet. Implement Implicit Profiling. Provide a unique website experience for every visitor.
Content becomes the secret weapon for breaking through the clutter In recent years, “content marketing” — developing and delivering content designed to enhance all phases of the buyer journey — has been one of the hottest topics in B2B circles. On the B2C side, though, the “content is king” mantra has remained somewhat ignored — but that’s starting to change.

Key tactics for shifting content to the forefront in 2015

  1. Think about your brand.
  2. Do a content audit.
  3. Refresh content you haven’t changed for a year or more.
Marketers place a greater emphasis on the post-purchase experience For many marketers, the focus is on growing lists and nudging new contacts toward making a first purchase. These priorities aren’t going away, but the third leg of the customer lifecycle experience — repeat purchases and brand loyalty — is poised to take a leap up in importance in 2015.

Key tactics for enhancing the post-purchase experience in 2015

  • Pull in dynamic content.
  • Set up a “Best Customer” program.
  • Make it a series.
Marketing departments evolve to better enable cross-channel execution, integrated data flow and measurement. More than 80 percent of consumers today are using social, local and mobile technologies to do some combination of browsing, researching and buying products.8 Yet 73 percent of companies rate their multichannel customer experience as “OK,” “Poor” or “Very Poor.”

Key tactics for improving your marketing department in 2015

  1. Shift your hiring.
  2. Think multichannel personalization.
  3. Reach across the aisle.
For a more detailed look at Silverpop’s predictions click here

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