7 Inventions that Have Transformed How We Conduct Business

Business1.  Mobile Phones - Just a decade and a half ago, mobile phones were owned by only a fortunate few that could afford such a luxury. Today, millions of people across the globe routinely conduct business from their mobile phones.  The greatest advantage of having a mobile phone for business is that you become instantly available to contact. In the event of a serious problem, co-workers or managers can contact you quickly.  Finally, this amazing invention grants you greater time to communicate.  Conversations can be had virtually anywhere (as long as you can get service), which reduces time restrictions

2. Airplane – Even if your seats are uncomfortable, your food flavorless and you face a battalion of cranky, yelling children, an airplane makes it possible to meet a business client all the way across the country in a matter of hours.  Prior to the invention of planes, salesmen were forced to travel excruciatingly long distances by car. The screaming little monsters don’t sound so bad after all, do they?

3 Credit- Believe it or not, credit predates currency. While it’s hard to iron out exactly how credit came into existence, it has played a crucial role in business, whether a business is looking to secure start-up capital or they are looking to extend it.

4. Telephone – Believe it or not, the telephone was not initially an easy invention to sell.  In fact, only 50 people owned a telephone after the first two years it was invented.  Obviously, anyone born during the last century has most likely at least used a telephone.  The telephone allowed two people to have a private conversation, hundreds of miles away, eliminating the need of an operator.

5.  Internet – The origins of the internet date back to 1969, when the Department of Defense utilized this invention during the cold-war. Today, it’s virtually impossible to imagine conducting business without the aid of email, instant messaging and digital invoicing.  Even the smallest business entity can portray a big business image, making it easier to compete with larger competitors.  As information travels at greater speeds, the world becomes smaller and smaller. Make no mistake about it, the internet has transformed how we do business.

6. Laptop – The laptop has revolutionized how we conduct business. No longer are we required to conduct business from the confines of our office. Businessmen can close deals from the coffee shop, bookstore, or even the beach.  One can argue that the laptop has closed more business deals than any other invention on this list.

7. Patents- The original purpose of the patent was to prevent the powers that be from profiting from the average Joe’s invention idea.   Not only do patents protect inventions, but they are also pieces of intellectual property. The real strength of a patent was mandating investors and the corporations that hired them to standardize an idea. Upon filing a patent, you are required to detail it with images and words, which enable others to duplicate it. Many organizations have profited greatly from this.

Author Bio

Edward Lakatis run and writes for Idea Design Studio, an invention development and marketing company. He is passionate about all things related to invention, and helping other inventor’s realize their products potentials. If you have a great product that you believe should be brought to market, call IDS at 888-864-1780!



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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