7 Highly Effective Social Media Tricks to Boost Business

Social media platforms are proving to be quite promising for businesses. Today, in fact, an effective use of social media marketing can help build successful businesses from scratch. Let's take a look at some useful social media tricks.

With the advent of so many social media platforms, business owners are often confused into deciding which one is right for them, let alone which ones are the keepers.

You usually only need a few that you can manage, in the beginning. Later on, when your business grows, you can eventually take over other social media channels as well and mark your presence everywhere.

But what exactly do you need to do to boost your business via these social media channels? Here are seven highly effective social media tricks that will not only promise traffic but higher conversion rates as well. Read on to boost your business for good:

Keep an eye on the trends

Posting updated and current information that is in relevance with your niche is a great way to sneak into your audience’s mind. In order to successfully do so, there are online tools that can help you out in the matter. BuzzSumo is great for analyzing what topics are taking over by storm and who are the key influencers. Another great tool is social-searcher.com. It helps the users to see how the chosen keywords are treated by various social media networks.

Customized post descriptions

Whether you are sending a Tweet, or posting something on Facebook, custom formatting is important. It is to ensure that you are speaking the language of your customers (which you are obviously familiar with). Also add in emoji or a symbol to spice things up in your post. Even if you are reposting or retweeting, don’t just share away. Customize it, add in symbols and twist the gist of the post in a language that your audience is familiar with.

Add social media buttons on your website

Adding social media buttons on your website can also do the trick. Usually, social media pages are filled with all kinds of posts which makes them interesting to browse, comparatively. A smart web design agency would have already done that for you in a very convenient way – on each page and with each blog post on your blog as well. This will trigger an increase in social shares for your blog posts directly from your website.

Plan and schedule in advance

Mother’s Day just went by. If you are unprepared for it, chances are you will pick up any picture off the internet and post it with a short description on the 11th hour without paying any heed to it. Whatever just happened here is a result of unplanned efforts. Not keeping an eye on the events that matter to your targeted audience can turn them away. In order to stay on top of the game, use scheduling tools to schedules posts in advance. Buffer is a good scheduling tool to begin with as its super easy to use, and free. By using this, you will not have to post content while you are at a Christmas dinner – be at peace.

Write longer and well researched posts

Twitter may give you a hard time here but you can use Google Plus for writing longer posts. If you write posts that are detailed and well researched, including statistics, chances are they will ignite conversations from the audience. Given the short attention spans, it is also imperative to make use of visual cues, graphs and other supportive visuals to keep the reader from going anywhere else.

Insert subtle call to actions (CTAs)

CTAs are important as they trigger a sense of action into the customer. To play this fairly, use power words that are also able to emotionally connect with the customers. Say if you are a photographer, and your specialty is wedding photography, as you share an advertising post about yourself on Facebook you may want to use one of these in the end: “Make your weddings perfect with wedding photography!” or… “Don’t let your special moments slip by, have them captured.” You can easily tell that the latter is playing an emotional game with the minds of the customers.

Go with the flow

Social media platforms often change their guidelines, leaving you with either of the two choices to take into account: either embrace the change, or simply don’t. If you choose the former option, you have done well for you have chosen to take on the battlefield that was left abandoned by those who gave up the fight. Stay on the lookout for the changes and adapt to them, instantly, to make the most out of them and become an opportunist.

Small business owners are often occupied with so many other marketing maneuvers that they almost forget about extracting the most benefits out of the social media platforms. The tricks mentioned above take the least possible time and consume very little, or none, from your marketing budget. Give these some forethought before you begin and continue to reap the benefits of social media marketing as a result.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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