6 Ways to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Small Business

6 Ways to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Small Business

As a small business, it can be difficult to compete for the best people. With your company's resources nowhere near as plentiful as those of big corporations, how can you attract and recruit the best staff? The fact is that there are highly qualified people out there who could be perfect for your company, so the trick is to develop an effective recruitment policy that makes your business an appealing option.

Here are 6 tips to recruit and retain the best staff for your small business.

1. Offer competitive rates of pay

A common mistake that many small businesses make is that they base the salary offered on the available budget, not market realities. However, in a competitive employment market, unless you're prepared to pay the going rate (or more!), the best people simply won't be interested in working for you – why would they settle for less than they're clearly worth? Not offering an appropriate salary means that your recruitment efforts are doomed from the start since you'll only be attracting second rate applicants.

2. Don't forget extra benefits

Aside from pay, employees are increasingly looking for additional benefits. Is there a company pension and do you, the employer, contribute towards it? How about private healthcare? What about a corporate gym membership, company car, free parking or a season ticket loan? Your pockets may not be as deep as the larger industry players, but do a little research and you may be surprised to find that corporate schemes can be more affordable than you think. If all else fails, be creative in the perks you can offer. In-house training, annual pamper days, Friday beers…. it all helps.

3. Offer additional lifestyle perks

Financial benefits are one thing, but many employees these days are just as concerned about quality of life. If you're lucky enough to be in a beautiful part of the country, in a desirable part of the city, or near the coast, make the most of it in your recruitment advert. Play up the advantages of excellent golf courses, a vibrant cultural life, great cycling facilities or good schools in the area. It won't cost you anything, but may well attract candidates who are looking for more than just a job.

4. Emphasise the benefits of a small business

Big does not always mean better – and there are plenty of job hunters who don't want to sell their souls to a faceless corporation. Stress the fact that yours is a small, human-scale operation run by people who know and care about each other.

What's more, smaller businesses can often be more accommodating to the needs of their staff. Whether you offer flexible staff rotas, part-time and home working options, you may find that these can be very are attractive propositions.

5. Think about career development

Recruitment and training new staff can take up a lot of time, which is why it is important to retain your best people. That's where career development comes in. By presenting opportunities for future progression at the outset, you're attracting candidates who are looking to make a long-term commitment. Whether you are offering a rising salary scale, promotion prospects or skills development, make sure it's clearly mentioned in the recruitment process.

6. Incentivise your employees

Rewarding good performance should be best practice in any business, large or small. Why not offer monthly incentives or an annual bonus scheme to encourage productivity and performance? Corporate outings and events are always popular as company wide rewards. Finally, if you're headhunting right at the top of your industry, don't underestimate the power of a golden handshake to fill a key position.



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Friday, 22 March 2019
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