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Now, the fact remains that the number one determinant of the success of any form of organization is the human resources. The material resources, the finances and the infrastructure, are all secondary, and success will not be achieved if the rightful and capable set of brains is not hired to manage them. That is why the human resources department of any firm should not be taken for granted.

The major task of those in the human resources or recruitment department will always be to scout for and hire the best brains to run the company, and the best way to find the best fit has been a subject of debate in many circles. Today, we will be lending our voice in pointing out the 6 best ways to find the best-fit talent for any role in your firm. You have to remember that we are not talking about educational qualifications only. We are talking about talents that will fit perfectly in each field.

Social Listings and Recruiting Tools

Apart from the regular search on the engines with the search terms and keywords, people with the relevant qualifications and work experiences know where to showcase and advertise themselves. These include the social media platforms that are meant for job listings. Some of these sites that are meant for professional development and connection are scattered on the web. People that are qualified enough, and who are eager to take on new challenges use them. Get to them and you will have your candidates. They include LinkedIn, Twylah, AngelList and others. These are more business-like. Some are more casual but also into job and job seeker listings. Linkedin has at least 225 million users. So, you can always find the best fit here.

You can also make use of the tools for social recruiting. Do not confuse this with the social job listing sites. These tools are specially designed with algorithms that allow them to crawl professional profiles, discover the ones with the skills you are looking for and get their contact information for you. With this, you contact them directly and avoid wasting your time searching them out one by one. You should use them

Job Boards

You have to make use of the large-scale job boards around you. With this, you can hire the staffs to operate a firm you are just opening for the first time. This can give you staffs in a large quantity. However, if you are searching for a particular type of firm, then you have to use the niche job board system. Here, the qualified candidates in the field will be presented to you, and through this, you make the most informed decision.

Online Job Communities

There are lots of online forums that are dedicated to people searching for jobs or forums that talk about particular professions or fields without necessarily being for jobs. Here, you can make your job postings. When you do, you will get replies from people who are deep into your field. When you post a tech job opening in a tech forum, for instance, you get the best talents in the tech field. Here, you won’t get a general pool of talents that you have to spend time vetting and sieving. Use places like Github, Dribble, Reddit and other specialized openings.

Partner With Educational Institutions

You can partner with colleges and universities around you to search for special talents. When you do this, you will most likely get the best. The lecturers and universities know the brightest of them all. You can liaise with them so that they inform you about these talents and you can nip them even before they get into the professional field. When you are presented with the talents from these academic institutions, pick them on internships in your firm and see if they have what you are looking for. In fact, the majority of the huge firms are always present at the graduation ceremonies in Ivy League colleges and universities, tapping these talents.

Look Beyond the Resume and Implement Testing Phases

You will be doing your firm a great disservice if you pack them and offer them places because of what the university certificate says, and allow them to make decisions. You will soon be filing for bankruptcy if you do. You need to look far beyond the resume and results because you are searching for the fitting talents and not the book brilliant ones. Map out nontraditional methods of testing the candidates. You can ask them to transcribe an audio file, you can give them a task to execute, and you can place them on probationary employment, etc. Through these, you test their dedication, desire, comprehension, skill level, and initiative.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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