6 Touchpoints that Help Local Businesses Win

Acquiring customers is not enough to guarantee your business’ success. You also have to build customer loyalty to make sure that those clients keep coming back for your services or products. Local businesses tend to focus on giving their customers a satisfying experience to build customer loyalty. However, you need to go beyond customer satisfaction and focus on enhancing every touch point to gain loyal clients. Here are six touch points that can help local businesses win.

Research and Understand Your Customer

Conducting market research is essential for any business. If you don’t understand your customer then you wouldn’t know how to sell or advertise your products to them.

Thinkgeek is an excellent example of a business that knows its audience. They even designed their website based on their target market. Consumers generally follow an ever-changing trend so if you don’t know how to catch up, you’ll keep losing customers and keep chasing new ones.

Phone Call Tracking

If you’re using multiple marketing platforms, it would be difficult to know which of those campaigns are the most effective. By making use of call tracking, you’ll be able to obtain useful data which you can use to enhance your company’s marketing strategy amongst other things.

For instance, a local AC Repair company has a call tracking setup on their site which they use to build stronger customer relationships.

High-Quality Images

Websites with relevant content and high-quality images get 94 percent more views than websites that are purely text-based. Apart from the fact that you can use images to enhance your website’s SEO, high-quality images can make your website more appealing, easier to read, and more interactive. As a result, visitors will be more engaged and are likely to spend more time on your website.

We uses high-quality images of Fall Protection work on one of our client’s site, particularly the homepage. This decreases their bounce rate and helps turn visitors into prospective clients.

Localized Content

Local businesses should focus on targeting customers from the area it is based in. Conduct market research on your area and base your products, advertisements, logo, and website accordingly. This way, you’ll attract more customers and gain their loyalty since localized content gives your customers the idea that you understand them well.

Business Plans is one example of an establishment that have localized the content of their website to target potential clients from a particular area.

Collect Email Address

A lot of websites nowadays require your email address before they offer you the full content of their site. You should also do the same with your business as it allows an opportunity for email marketing. The idea is to setup an automation program that will send relevant information to the emails you’ve collected. This nurtures and educates your potential clients about the products and services that your business offers, turning them into customers. For example, UncommonGoods uses a sense of urgency without sounding desperate in their automated emails to attract prospective customers to their site.

Delight Your Customers

Amazon.com is known for their great customer service. Their popularity is also a result of word-of-mouth marketing. Due to their exceptional ability to delight their customers, they were able to gain more clients through their existing ones. Turning visitors into customers is only half the job. You need to make your customers happy enough that they’d recommend you to other people they know. This is how word-of-mouth marketing works and it costs your company nothing at all.

By effectively utilizing various touch points, you can improve customer experience and keep them happy. This will help you attract clients and build customer loyalty which will ultimately bring success to your company.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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