6 Rules for Coping with Sales Rejection

None among us like being rejected but when it comes to sales, rejection is a usual thing to happen to just anyone involved with the business. However, it can’t be denied that very few salespeople overcome the impact of sales rejection as it seems to affect everyone in either the larger or the smaller way. As a salesperson that has eyes on pinnacle of success, you should be aware that very few of your colleagues actually manage to get to a point where they don’t seem to be affected by the rejection and can handle its consequences well. If you’re willing to be one of them, an approach can make all the difference.

For all those in sales, it is extremely imperative to learn the art of handling rejection in the most constructive way. Let us explore a few techniques that can help you in facing and fighting sales rejection in the long run. Here's 6 Rules for Coping with Sales Rejection.

1. A rational attitude towards rejection Hearing a “no” may not sound good to people in sales simply because of the reason that there is more effort and marketing technique involved. After every sales rejection, you must convince yourself that your offer was rejected because your customers only want something else or may be something more. It may not mean that you have been personally rejected; rather find out the reason that made them say ‘no’.

2. Find out their dislikes When your clients reject your sales offer, you must find out what makes them do so. There is no harm in asking them a reason behind rejection but just be polite enough. Most of the time, people think sales rejection means rejecting the entire proposal and everything about it which is not always true. There might just be a small part of your proposal that got rejected which means you need to find out what it is and start working on it so that you don’t have to face a rejection again and again.

3. Don’t always take ‘no’ as the final answer Most of the times, people tend to say ‘no’ as it is a general reaction to anything less-convincing that comes their way. A lot of clients say no even before they have heard about the proposal. Make sure that you keep a positive attitude, have confidence that shows up on face, greet them with a smile and grab their complete attention. It can be tough but it should be taken as a challenge.

4. Dealing with the stronger personalities It may be little tough to convince the customers with a stronger personality but do remember that they are the ones who can be your most loyal customers in the long run. When they respond with a rejection, this is the time to show them that you’re actually a true professional as the impact of rejection does not show up on your face. It’s time to indicate that you’re a salesperson who does not take rejection personally! You have to learn the art of being persistent with them.

5. Keeping track of sales rejection is important Are you keeping a track of your sales rejection? It is an important step to finding out the loopholes in your sales efforts. By keeping a track, you can know how many times your sales offer got rejected, what were the reasons, what have you done to improve, what has worked and what didn’t. This will help you reach conclusions and solutions as soon as you face a rejection in sales.

6. Close the deal well It’s not always the journey that matters but also the way you finish it off! The same goes well with a sales rejection. Since most of the salespersons fail to accept rejection, they quit selling which is not a convincing solution. Accept rejection as a closed deal and don’t brag about your offer even when the customer has given a negative response. Sign off well, with a smile and with confidence.

You’re bound to face rejection, more often than not, when you’re part of sales industry. Handling sales rejection is one of the critical lessons to learn in sales jobs. Rejection is immediate and so is the case with the reaction that follows it. A salesperson must know the art of controlling the reactions and ensure he/she is completely rational about it. It will not only help them emerge as a successful salesperson but it will also enhance the image of the brand they are selling, they being its authentic face to its potential customers!




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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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