6 Resources Small Businesses Can Offer to Generate More Leads

In this post we talk about resources a small business can use to generate more leads. Users come to your website for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re searching for your services or looking for an answer to a specific question. Regardless of how they get to your website, they likely have a need that your brand could meet.

Generate More Leads

With this in mind, you’ve probably considered developing a resources page. A resources page allows customers to find the information they’re looking for in a simple and straightforward manner. It answers questions and increases browsing times. Most importantly, it increases your influence by displaying content that can be easily shared.

Maybe you’ve already created your resource page and have it prominently displayed on your site. Regardless of how much time you’ve put into your resources page so far, the following six things should be included for all small businesses who want to generate more leads online.

1. Demos

If you’re an IT-based small business, you may have software that you use to help your clients track sales, product inventory or user experience. This software could be confusing to those without technical knowledge.

Including a demos section on your resource page allows potential customers to see exactly what you have to offer and how it will fit into their daily operations. This lessens the possibility of dissatisfied customers and increases the overall usability of your software products. To see a demo in action, check out this website’s resource page.

2. Infographics

We live in a visual society. Complex information in text form can be overwhelming. Instead of including all of your resources in a text format, break down your statistics into visuals. Infographics allow viewers to digest complex information in a quick, effective manner. They also showcase your company’s knowledge and can quickly earn social shares.

3. Case Studies and Testimonials

Your target audience needs to know that they are not alone and that you have a proven track record of success. Case studies and testimonials make this clear and apparent.

By sharing success stories that provide details about what your company did and how it paid off, your target market will gain a sense of security. In the same way, testimonials allow your visitors to hear from other customers, instead of your brand. More customers will generate more leads.

4. White Papers

Sometimes information needs to go deeper than an infographic. While the debate rages on about whether or not white papers are effective, it remains true that some people need detailed facts to make a purchase decision.

White papers make this possible. Branded white papers can provide a deeper level of detail about topics relating to your small business. They allow your potential customers to better understand what you bring to the table and to feel more secure in moving forward as a customer.

5. Awards and Affiliations

Award programs and affiliations exist for a reason that’s deeper than a fun crystal on a shelf or plaque on a wall. They allow you to prove that you stand out in your industry. If you have yet to apply for awards, the time to act is now. If you have received rewards or have notable affiliations, showcase them on your resources page and, if possible, include a link to the award’s criteria.

6. Outside Resources

At first, this strategy might not seem ideal. After all, your goal is to keep your visitors on your own webpage. However, by sharing information from outside sources, you’re showing that you understand the importance of connections and that your true goal is to educate your visitors. This can pay off in the long run.

Consider using a tool like Snip.ly to increase your reach even on external sources by driving traffic back to your site and making sure all links open in new windows to ensure your site remains active in your visitors’ browsers.

A resources page is critical for making your small business stand out amidst the competition. By including the six features listed above, your page will be well on its way and generate more leads online in no time.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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