6 Reasons Your Signage is Bad for Business


Why do companies bother putting their names on the front of their business? “Simple,” you say, “it acts as an advert, helps them to stand out from the competition, and makes it easier for customers to find them”. Absolutely. Okay, so when you see a damaged sign, what message is that giving the people walking past? Here’s a hint: it isn’t good. If you know that your signage has seen better days, it’s time to grab a ladder (or hire a team with something a little taller, if you need it) and some tools and get to work. If you’re not sure whether you need to? Here’s a quick list to help you decide.

1. If it’s dirty…

Every time I walk past a particular shop at the end of my road, I notice how incredibly faded and filthy its sign and windows are. Why do I care so much about this particular premises? Oh, because it’s the address of a professional cleaning firm I once considered hiring… until I saw the outside of their own building. How could I trust this team to leave my property sparkling when they couldn’t even look after their own store front?

2. If the letters are misaligned…

If your company signage is made up of multiple letters that need to be hung separately, spend an extra half an hour making sure they are all spaced properly. Letters that are wonky (or even upside-down) only tell your potential customers that you have no attention to detail.



3. If it’s broken… Seriously?

If your sign is cracked or hanging badly, get it mended, stat. Even if a single bulb has blown you should be making it a priority to fix. Damaged signage makes your premises look derelict, and suggests your company is too broke to fix it. Alternatively, that you’re cheap, and cut corners wherever you can. Not exactly great ways of enticing new business.

4. If it’s out of date…

There are two kinds of outdated signage: banners for promotions that have long since passed, and branding that you haven’t changed since the early ‘90s. There is simply no excuse for the first one, and it’s giving off the impression that you haven’t been open for business since the promotion ended. As for dated branding… We know signage is expensive, and that your budget might be prioritised elsewhere. Unless your sign is guilty of another crime on this list then it doesn’t have to be changed immediately, but try and update it as soon as you can.

5. If it’s showing the wrong information…

Perhaps your company name has changed, or you’ve updated your phone number. If so, then why haven’t you updated your sign? Its main purpose is to promote your business to people on the street, so if they go home and search the wrong name or call the wrong number, that’s a customer lost.



6. If you can’t even see it…

Maybe you’ve been feeling pretty confident as you read down this list. After all, your sign is clean, modern and fully-functional. The question is, can you actually see it from the road? If you’ve installed it in a hard-to-read spot on the building, or have allowed it to become hidden by a tree or some other obstruction, then what does it matter how it looks?

Every potential customer is considering the same thing, and your signage helps them to form their answers. Is this business legitimate and reputable? Are they organised enough to help me? Will they care about having me as a customer? Ropey signage isn’t conveying the right messages. If it looks like you’re running out of money, are happy to cut corners or simply aren’t organised enough to mend the front of your own business, chances are they’ll find a firm that is.

It should go without saying that the signage and entrance to your business must be presentable. Bird droppings and graffiti are just a fact of life, but if you don’t clean them up it makes it look like you’re not expecting customers anyway. Hopefully you’ll now be looking at the sign above your door in a different light, so bump it to the top of your priority list and get it fixed. Oh, and take last year’s sodding Christmas lights down while you’re up there.


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Wednesday, 23 October 2019
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