6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Ask for Customer Feedback

Whether you’re a startup business or an established firm, you should know the importance of making customers happy. Customers can make or break a business, which is why it’s essential to know what they think about your products and services. They are the ones who dictate whether you sell or you flop so it’s good to ask for their opinion on how you can provide better services for them.

Here are six reasons why you should ask for your customer’s feedback:

1. Improve constantly

Your business shouldn’t be contented with what you have accomplished so far. There should always be room for improvement and you should continuously look for ways to better your service. Through customer feedback, you will find out which areas you need to exert more effort to, such as choosing another color for your light bulbs for ambience or considering food delivery to some areas.

2. Increase awareness about your business

They say that familiarity is the first myth of reality; what you know the best, you tend to observe the least. This is especially true in a business. Sometimes, an outside opinion is needed to let you discover things you weren’t aware of. Customer service, for example, can only be evaluated by the customers themselves since they are the ones receiving either exemplary or poor service.

Biased opinions are expected from internal sources like the staff and management. Most of the time, they will only point out the positive things in the company. However, your business should have a 360-degree view of its performance—a part of which can be provided by customers.

3. Know what practice to continue and when to stop

If your business is working great today, it doesn’t mean that it will be as great tomorrow. You have to be mindful of the things that you need to continue doing and those which do not work anymore. Getting feedback from customers is a good way to survey if your efforts are yielding the results you want.

Ask your customers if the menu needs a revamp or if it’s just right for their taste. If they say that the desserts taste too sweet, consider using less sugar or finding alternative desserts to make. Are they looking for variety in your dishes? Whip up a new addition to your menu.

4. Be informed of what customers like

By asking for their feedback, you get to know how your customers think. You’ll get tons of suggestions you can consider implementing in your business. Also, the products or services you offer can be adjusted according to your clientele’s preferences. That way, you’ll be sure that the kinds of products or service you offer are tailor-fit for your target market.

5. Make customers feel important

Asking them for their opinion is one great way of making them feel important. It fosters a sense of belongingness because their presence is valued as if the business will not be able to function well unless they are included.

Customers want to be involved. They want their voices to be heard and be assured that your business is doing improvements for their benefit. You have to make your clients feel that the efforts you are doing are directly for them and not just for making money.

6. Keep up with market trends

Everything has a deadline, that’s why you have to keep yourself updated with what works and what doesn’t. Some business owners remain unaware of the current trends in the industry because they are too focused on their campaigns and operations. Customers can provide fresh knowledge that you can apply, especially if you are catering to the younger crowd.

For instance, a more technologically-inclined campaign might work, such as developing a website that’s accessible to most mobile devices. Other trends in the industry, like offering superior customer service to have an edge over competitors in winning and retaining customers, can also be utilized.

It is undeniable that customer feedback is essential in every business venture. Applying those feedbacks wisely and incorporating them to your strategies will allow you to serve your clients better. What kind of feedback have you received lately? How did you apply it to your business? Let us know!



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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