6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hosted Telephony

Many UK and Irish Startups and SME's have not heard of hosted telephony services and how their business can benefit from choosing them.

Rather than running your business using a regular, fixed landline and / or mobile phone, hosted phone systems can offer you many advantages as you grow, such as:

1. Choice of Numbers

You don't have to stick with the number your phone provider gives you. A wide range of regional and non-geographic numbers are available across the UK and Ireland, so you're almost certain to find the one that's right for your business.

With hosted numbers you can even have multiple numbers (for example, different regional codes) all pointing back to your head office or diverting to regional offices or mobiles. Memorable numbers are also available for a very reasonable investment if you want your phone number to leave an impression on your prospects.

2. Choice of Services

With a regular phone system you are limited either to the services that come free with your line, or by the capabilities of your physical pbx switchboard (provided you can work out how to program it).

Hosted services come with a wider range of services available for you to use at any time. What's more, they combine together perfectly and can be updated immediately, allowing you to create simple or sophisticated phone systems in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Simple services available include call divert, answerphone, fax to email and recorded messages. Sophisticated services such as group diverts, time-of-day and call menus are built around a virtual pbx and allow tremendous flexibility.

3. Adaptable and Scalable

As your business grows you need your phone system to grow and develop with it.

with a hosted system you can add new numbers, services and extensions in just a few minutes. Your phone system can adapt to do whatever you need it to with the minimum of fuss and hassle. There's no complicated reprogramming to do and no expensive hardware to buy - just create and deploy the additional functionality you need. Simple.

4. Location Independent

The importance of this benefit shouldn't be understated.

As your business grows you may want to move premises or add additional sites. You may also have some staff who prefer to work from home or another location for part of the week. With hosted telephony this isn't a problem. Your numbers and services are all cloud based so it's a simple matter to move wherever you want, whenever you want. All you have to do is go into your online control panel and direct your calls to whichever other number you want.

There's no need to reprogramme your complete phone system or set up number redirects when you want to move. With hosted telephony you avoid all the hassle and don't have to worry about your phones going down during the switch.

5. Built-in Business Continuity

This is really an extension of the above. with a physical phone system, a disaster such as floods, fire or even a crash near your premises can lock you out of your phone system for days.

With a hosted service your number isn't tied to a physical location, so you can quickly and easily redirect your calls to a new number or numbers whilst you figure everything else out. You could even go one stage further and set up customer and staff information lines to keep everyone informed, or how about sending out bulk SMS messages with the latest updates.

Don't risk the future health of your business by having your phone system tied to a specific location.

6. Cost Effective

Of course, price isn't everything, but hosted telephony can still save you a lot of money whilst offering you a far superior service to most regular phone systems.

For a start, there's no expensive pbx for you to buy, maintain, repair and ultimately replace. It's also a simple matter to combine your hosted services with a business grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to greatly reduce call charges. It's even possible to get an all-inclusive package to fix your monthly phone bill, which is ideal for startups and small businesses looking to carefully manage their cashflow.


As you can see, modern hosted telephony has many advantages over the traditional fixed line and number system. To find out more about how it can benefit your business specifically, please contact Callagenix via our website, http://www.callagenix.com [button color="#0085E8" button link="http://bplan.smallbusinesscan.com" ]Signup to Business Plan Template[/button]



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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