6 Most Significant Retail Predictions for Supermarkets in 2014

Despite the growing shift towards online shopping, people will still have to go to supermarkets and groceries to buy their consumables and other necessities. However, as with all retail outlets, supermarkets will have to evolve to remain relevant and responsive to the changing needs of consumers. Here are some of the top retail predictions for supermarkets in 2014.

1.       FOOD IS LOVE

Healthier food on the shelves. As people become more health-conscious and watch what they eat more closely, supermarkets will have to respond to changing consumer behavior by stocking healthier food. Hence, one of the main main retail predictions for the coming year 2014 for the coming year is that consumers will see more foods on the shelves such as ready-to-eat popcorn, trail mix, sunflower seeds and calcium-fortified pudding.


In a related trend, people are becoming more aware of the value of a healthy breakfast and are modifying their buying behavior accordingly by looking for healthier breakfast food. Hence, expect supermarkets to offer more breakfast choices such as premade sandwiches and oatmeal bars that people can take with them to work and eat directly or heat up at the office. In addition to this, expect more protein-rich breakfast offerings such as yoghurt, whole grain foods and egg substitutes such as Egg Beaters which are lower in cholesterol.


One of the top retail predictions is that consumers will see more foods from overseas on mainstream supermarket shelves. Helping fuel this trend is the growth of immigrant communities in the US who are looking for food from their native countries as well as American children being exposed to international flavors. So you can expect to see frozen Middle Eastern and Indian meals as well as pre-made sushi and Chinese food in the supermarkets.

 4.       HOUSE BRANDS

As people become more loyal to particular supermarkets, they are also saving money by buying so-called private brands produced by retailers. One of the significant retail predictions for 2014 is that supermarkets will not only leverage this brand loyalty to fuel private brand sales but also expand their brands by creating their own unique products rather than just imitating existing products. For example, ConAgra is working with retailers to produce exclusive products such as gluten-free quinoa pasta and spelt pasta.


Supermarkets are providing cross-channel options to their customers, allowing them to shop using their mobile phones and then pick up the groceries at a drive-through window, for example.


Consumers are pickier about the food they buy and one of the retail predictions for the coming year is that retailers will use improved packaging to provide added value to buyers. For example, many packages will come with codes that can be scanned using an app that will provide more information on ingredients such as where they came from as well as health claims and the company’s history. In addition, products that have traditionally been packaged in cans and bottles such as wine and soup are now being offered in containers and foil pouches to make them easier to prepare and store

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