6 Mistakes Not to Make With Your Business Website


Your website is a key marketing and lead generation tool. But is it up to scratch and as user friendly as it can be? Here are 6 mistakes not to make with your business website:

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When you've spent time and money on a business website you want to make sure it's optimised. These simple mistakes can impact your business website negatively and make the whole website useless and invisible.

1. Not checking the time taken for the site to load

Loading time can make all the difference in the fast-paced modern world. Your business website has to load as soon as it is clicked. If the website doesn’t load straight away and the visitor has to wait then you can lose potential customers or leads because people will just get impatient. So make sure to check the time taken for the website to load with all its features. You're aiming to get under 3 seconds load time ideally so if you are finding it's slower then get the website checked right away otherwise those extra few seconds will make a huge difference.

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2. Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Sometimes when websites are created there are features added for providing information and enhancing it visually, but viewing through a mobile device can mean the impact is lost and in fact the mobile experience is poor. Search engines will also take account of mobile responsiveness. 

Remember more and more people tend to use mobile phones for browsing the internet.  

3. Make sure headings and internal pages are formatted correctly

Ensure your website's main headings are present on the home page so that when a user clicks on a particular heading further subheadings are found. If you have many products or services you may want to arrange these on submenus to keep your main menu short and to the point.

Internal pages should also be formatted in such a way so that the visitor can click the back button to return to the home page easily. 

4. Keep navigation and scrolling simple for users

Sometimes in the quest towards creativity, web developers try to make the navigational tools differ from more familiar navigational tools that are being used by most websites. It is best to keep tools and functions simple and familiar to users to make the navigation as easy as possible. 

5. Check error pages and wrong links regularly

Error pages and broken links are highly annoying and they degrade the user experience. So get your website admin to check for error pages and broken links regularly. 

6. Refraining from hard selling techniques

Of course your website is part of convincing people that they can potentially buy from you but avoid hard selling. People like to trust a brand and feel that it helpful to them not pushy. 

Avoiding these 6 simple mistakes can make a big difference to the success or failure of your business website. 

Over to you now. Have you checked these 6 things on your business website? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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