6 Key Ways a PR Strategy Can Help Fuel Your Marketing


When organisations think about marketing, far too often, public relations (PR) is far down the list of priorities. There are numerous, more measurable activities that marketers tend to focus on. But, when done right, proper PR is one of the very best marketing strategies to build awareness with potential customers, partners and stakeholders. Here are six key ways that a PR strategy can help fuel your marketing efforts:

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1. Turn Influencers Into Brand Advocates

Influencers, which can include traditional media, bloggers, analysts and anyone else who moves the needle of public opinion, are incredibly important to have on your side. If nobody is getting the word out about your products or services, potential customers will never hear about you.

Turning these top-influencers into actual advocates helps you get your story in front of the people you want to reach in a positive way.

2. Build Third-party Validation to Support Sales Efforts

As a result of influencer outreach, you will generate positive pieces of earned media coverage that will be useful in all of your marketing efforts.

For example, you can share a positive review with leads to convince them of the quality of your product, or you can include it on your site so that everyone can see a credible, neutral expert has a high opinion of your company.

Third party support can be a huge beacon to turn customers’ attention towards for increased sales.

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3. Reach Customers Directly

Proper PR lets you reach all of your external audiences with your message. Now, your organisation can tell its own story, while being in full control of your message, by creating content to post on your blog, social media sites, etc.

Making sure that you are active on these forms of communication, in a positive way, can have immense impact on your company.

4. Tell Your Customers' Stories

There is perhaps no better way to convince potential customers to buy from you than to tell the story of happy customers. You can create posts about customer stories that can be used in your sales process. Sharing these reviews is essential to quality marketing.

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5. Show Thought Leadership

From speaking at events to contributing content to external outlets, marketing can help you showcase your expertise on topics that relate to your business, which will create a more positive view of your company. Customers respond to people they view as experts in the field they are researching. Make yourself an expert or hire one that can help inspire others to take notice of your business.

6. Fuel Social Media Channels

Many of the points mentioned above will help you create a steady stream of interesting updates that will grow your audience and keep them engaged. Make sure you are using social media in a way that can both engage customers and incentivises the purchase of your products. Don’t just socialise just to socialise, always have a way that customers can be directed to find out more about your services or to contact you.

By including PR as part of your broader marketing strategy, you will be able to ensure your business' future success by building awareness for your company and its products, sharing your stories with the world, and generating trusted relationships with all of your external audiences. 

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