6 Helpful Hacks To Become A Mighty Mompreneur


Moms need to work for many reasons and the regular business hours often do not work for them. This is why a lot of them are striving to find something they can do from home, and still be there for the family. It is not easy to be a mompreneur but it is certainly doable.

Be all-in

A successful mompreneur has a certain passion for what she does and it helps her stay motivated. Her lifestyle involves a lot of sacrifices. This is why it would be impossible and unkind for her to push herself to do something she does not like or believe in. Even if she did that, she would probably fail, soon. When you are juggling a lot of things, your brain is secretly on your side telling you to drop the thing you least enjoy. Most moms have stopped their career and busy lives to have children. As a result, they miss the drive. Once you start working again, you will discover another level of fulfillment. What used to be a drive to work and help support the family, will then turn into a passion for professional success.

Benefit from other people’s experiences

You need to discover what it is you are passionate about. You can look at three places, the first one is within you. Ask yourself what it is you are good at and feel confident about. Try developing a reasonable business strategy with the help of those who have experience making business plans. The second place to look at is through the experiences of those who are working from home or own a small business. Try focusing on those people who also have limited time for work such as college students. The third place is among other mompreneurs. Harvest some business ideas, as well as, ideas on how to balance your personal and professional life. Including other people’s experiences will help you learn from their success and their mistakes. This may decrease your chances of failing.

Learn to balance and prioritize

When their children are still infants, most moms learn that they have to prioritize among themselves, their baby and their social life. Somehow, the social life always gets the short end of a stick and the baby always wins. Allowing time for themselves, at this point, involves activities such as washing your hair and it gets balanced with the baby time. That’s an example of prioritizing and balancing. Now, if you are thinking of starting a business you are better off making a list of your tasks for the day and prioritizing them. Try to get as many professional activities in one cluster and keep your personal ones in the other one. This will help you focus on one area of your life at the time. For example, if you have a nanny or your kids are in kindergarten, use a portion of your morning for work-related tasks. Once your kids are back and your husband arrives from work spend time with them. In the evenings, when the kids are asleep you can do some work to prepare for the next day. Make only short breaks for housework. Focusing on one thing at the time will help you be efficient.

Compromise with your family

Once you decide to start the business, announce it to your family and see whether you can get some help from them. Talk to your husband and make a new division of your household chores. It will also help you to keep your children on the schedule. Kids love their routine so they will have their piece of mind and, for most of the time, you will know exactly how to make your business schedule. If you have friends or family in the area see if they can help you when kids are sick and out of kindergarten or school. If not, hire a part-time nanny for those occasions.

Take your business seriously

In order for your business to succeed you need to take it seriously. Since you are enjoying and doing it only a couple of hours a day you may feel like you have a hobby, but this should be more than that. You have to have a business plan, you have to have a license to work, keep books and pay your taxes. A clean start will help you grow your business. When it comes to expanding a business, take your time and develop it gradually. Dean Willcocks team advises that, from their experience, most successful small businesses fail when they decide to expand quickly. You may get a confidence boost to do this, but development has to be gradual to stay steady.

Don’t let working from home get to you

You have to be aware that you are at work. Once you see your kids through the door, do a quick run-around, get toys out of your way and make beds. This will get your home on a basic functionality level and you will be ready to start. Know your business hours for each day and how many breaks you can make. Designate an office area even if it is just a desk in your bedroom. This will help you stay focused and not give in to the fact that you are at home and do not have a boss.

Having clear personal and professional goals will help you succeed in both areas of your life. Your schedule may be your only issue but, as I have discovered, a deadline is only a state of mind. If you set yourself to it, you will manage to meet it.


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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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