6 Effective Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Mobile marketing is more than just a simple trend. More consumers than ever before are using their mobile devices to access websites, to interact on social media, and to purchase products and services from digital-enabled businesses. How important is mobile marketing? With over 1 billion consumers using their mobile devices for actions that benefit your business, this makes it a type of marketing that you shouldn't avoid. Doing so would mean that you're willingly turning away visitors whom are both ready to spend and inclined to purchase repeatedly from your business.

The problem with mobile marketing is that there's no clear-cut way to go about doing it, especially for small businesses. That's why you're going to find six effective mobile marketing tips for your small business here.

1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Environment

Before you can even think of driving consumers to your mobile app or your website, you need to ensure that you've orchestrated the proper mobile-friendly environment.

This means that you need to ensure that your mobile marketing goals can be met while providing a user experience that benefits your customers. There's no sense in starting a mobile marketing campaign until you have everything in order.

2. Set Your Goals in Stone

While you may already have overall marketing goals for your business, it's important to realize that your goals for mobile marketing will generally be slightly different. This means that you need to readjust your strategy to ensure your mobile marketing has the best reach and efficiency possible. Here's some quick examples of things you might want to accomplish with mobile marketing:

Increasing your sales volume

Establishing brand recognition among certain demographics

Driving traffic to your website

Promoting social media interaction

Broadcasting coupons, sales and other e-commerce events

Offering customer support while providing positive public relations

This short list shows that a number of things that your mobile marketing can do. Ensure that you know specifically what you want for the best results.

3. Integrate Responsive Design with Your Website

While many businesses prefer to create a separate mobile version of their website, this generally isn't the best alternative. The expense in terms of both money and effort to maintaining two separate websites tends to outweigh the benefits.

A better idea is to use responsive web design with your current website. Responsive web design allows you to use one website that resizes and re-orders itself with respect to the resolution and type of device viewing it, which means that your business's main website is the only one you'll ever need to promote or keep current.

4. Distribute a Mobile App

The best mobile apps tend to be both functional and engaging to users. For example, a coupon app should provide the function of accessing mobile-only coupons while motivating users to consider trying new products.

Your mobile app can also be another source for sales. Consider offering users a free version, as this will allow you to make sales when they test out your app and want the full version.

5. Learn to Be Concise

Mobile access tends to be limited in terms of bandwidth and speed, which means that extravagant Flash applets, cumbersome Java applications and even high-definition images may require extremely long wait times to load.

Don't rely on them. Learn how to get your messages across using as few words and as few illustrative aids as possible. When you do need to use them, ensure that you have versions designed specifically for lower resolution devices with smaller file sizes.

6. Stick to Social Media Marketing

While advertising your website and mobile apps can create a sizable audience for your business, you'll find that social media will tend to have the quickest and most far-reaching returns.

The idea behind this is that social media allows for your small business to make a large splash on an even larger website. You can communicate with followers and people whom talk about topics related to your business, which in turn allows you to reach audiences you never could with other means.

Boost your mobile marketing strategy by making social media marketing a mainstay of your strategy. You can even cross-promote your website on your social media pages and vice versa to create a stronger marketing campaign.





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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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