6 Content Marketing Tips for A Higher ROI On Your Personal Brand

Content marketing can prove to be the most effective of digital marketing methods for a personal brand, when executed correctly. According to Content Marketing Institute, not many marketers have a documented content marketing strategy (only 37% do) which leads to several missed opportunities. With the right strategy, there are so many matters that are taken into account beforehand.

With the ever-rising competition and countless channels for posting content, visibility by means of uniqueness can really be a challenge. In such a case, using influential content marketing to leverage new and existing relationships can really be the key to get your ROI (Return on Investment). How would you go about it?

Here’s a set of tips to get you in the game by content marketing the smarter way.

  1.       A Customer-Centric Approach
This is really the number one on the list. If you really do want to create value for the customers then why not write what they want to read? Don’t just be a brand that offers good service, be a brand that is built around the needs of the customers. Target the content to cater to the customers’ needs to create a deeper bond with them. If you haven’t figured out your niche accurately, better do the needful prior to tracking and analyzing the customer behavior to create a content marketing strategy around it.
  1.       Relevance And Meaningfulness
Creating content with purpose is crucial to success for any brand. Keeping the focus on your customers, think of all the topics you hold knowledge of and expertise in. Figure out the supporting tools to support your writing; these may include a video, an infographic, or a podcast for that matter. Create content that is relevant to what you do, what the customer wants to know and how often do they want to know. This will help you to figure out a possible frequency for the posting as well.
  1.       Getting Started With The Social Networks
With people consuming all the information via social media today, it is essential to set up accounts on the applicable social networks that hold your target audience. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of the social channels. Just pick the ones that are right for you and your audience. When networking, build relationships with influencers and share the relevant content that is fit for their audience. Also, encourage discussions on the content posts for higher engagement. To reach more audience, share a post on one network, get the link and post it on other networks with pictures, videos and fresh, captivating taglines.
  1.       Adequate Use of Keywords
Keywords play a critical role in getting your content recognized over the search engine. The art of utilizing the best use of keywords is called effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All you have to do is each time you post content, keep search engine keywords in mind and spice it up with creative taglines. With the use of effective SEO tactics, you can also have greater conversion rates. Make use of SEO tools to support you in such endeavors and measure the effectiveness. When on Twitter, take advantage of the trending tags, provided when they are in your favor. Using the right hashtags each time you Tweet is also a good idea for a greater reach.
  1.       Guest Blogging
Once you have a command over the words and think you are ready to flaunt a little, write guest blogs for the industry stars. Reach out to them, tell them why you admire them and what you have to offer to their audiences that will be of great interest to them. Say if you belong to the web designing and branding industry, write tips and tricks for the related topics and submit.

If you want this to be a two-way gain then ask for a link back to your own business website. Your personal brand will be benefited greatly as it is being exposed to new audiences. They might have been in your place once so they are willing to help you out in the matters of promoting your content, provided you reach out to them.

If you are about to launch a startup, you need to remind yourself that first impressions tend to be the most crucial ones. Therefore, even before you begin, it is absolutely imperative to define a roadmap instead of taking blind shots when the time comes. So create a content marketing strategy for powerful returns on 1) investment and 2) efforts.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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