5 Ways to Promote Your Business to Millennials and the iGeneration


Marketing to Millennials and post-Millennials means understanding the power of connectivity. Here are 5 Ways to Promote Your Business to Millennials and the iGeneration:

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According to Forbes, “multitasking is the new relaxing” for this digital generation and that means that being plugged in and synced across a number of different devices. Whilst it’s easy to assume that there’s a division of attention here, the truth is being connected doesn’t necessarily mean being distracted. The key is to get their attention and provide value in your content or offering. Here are 5 top tips for promoting your business or marketing campaign to the Millenial and Gen Z age groups.

1. Be Social

Push your online blog via social channels. This is where you will have a chance to capture your target audience. Blogging and social endorsements have been one of the biggest money makers of today and can be a great platform for encouraging organic User Generated Content as well as promoting your own. Aa for the key channels (such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), social media marketing is something that you should put a considerable amount of thought into and should always be an integral part of each campaign.

2. Personalise Your Approach

One of the biggest search engine and social media trends of the moment is to provide a personalised experience to visitors to your website or blog. Particularly in retail, the modern customer journey is fast evolving. No matter who your audience is or what you’re promoting, analysing activity is key. A website that is designed to remember a user’s preferences will keep them coming back and lock a visitor’s attention - particularly the ever-distracted Millennial who is multitasking with different devices.

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3. Be Instagram-worthy!

If we’ve learnt anything from the digital generation, it’s that a picture paints a thousand words. Remember those lengthy Facebook posts that Gen Z used to share? With Millennials, a great image counts for a lot more. So whether you’re a business, retailer, blogger or product promoter, make sure what you do is Instagrammable.

Here are 52 tips for marketing on Instagram.

4. Be Sensitive to Environmental & Social Issues

The environment and global warming, recycling and sustainability, fair trade and ethical issues are some of the things that this new generation take seriously. Big brands are wising up to this and finally understanding the importance of what makes the Millennial tick. Style, status, luxury and design come second to sensitivity for the world around us.

This campaign below by online retailer Yoox and swimwear brand We Are Handsome is the perfect example of a sensitive campaign; bringing together luxury fashion with an environmental charity collaboration.

5. Stay Connected (Constantly)

One of the drawbacks of interacting with this generation of mobile phone and tablet addicts is that response time needs to be dramatically reduced. This is more relevant for retail companies than other types of businesses or money making blogs. But overall, momentum really counts so fast response time (across all social or internet channels) is the key to success. You don’t want to lose their attention!

There are even some companies investing in automated chatbots to provide instant gratification around the clock. Imagine competing with that…..so staying on track with audience correspondence is something we shouldn’t ignore. 

Getting their attention and providing value in your content or offering is the bottom line when it comes to marketing to this generation. 

Over to you now. How are you marketing to millennials? Share your experience in the comments below. 


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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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