5 Ways to Penetrate the Competition Using Hyper Local Search

In today’s competitive business world, it can be a struggle to get ahead of the competition. However, on a local level, it shouldn’t be as tough when you know what to do and how to do it. A previous business adage that still rings true today is location, location, location, especially as mobile devices and other electronic gadgets have increased the way a company does business. The following are five ways to penetrate the competition using hyper local search.

Think Hyperlocal

The business world was once trained on buzz words to capture the attention of the customer base. However, the concept of hyperlocal has been in existence for quite some time. It’s also concrete and here to stay. While it describes a specific area close to your business, it simplifies the dynamics of a location into a community that is both identifiable to the user and united. A successful business should have the tools to operate procedures, improve efficiency and increase productivity. A business owner looking to get ahead of the competition should also think hyperlocal. Instead of stating that you operate in Maryland, you can refine your search to reflect Montgomery Village in Maryland.

Location Page

Now that you’re getting the hang of hyperlocal, you’re probably ready to speak to your local customers. Whether you do this through your website or local SEO blog, this is a great opportunity for you to talk about your business, and its location. When your customers use “near me” to search, it’s imperative that your company be at the top of the results. Optimizing the location page of your website can help boost your chances of this happening.


Making a great first impression can make or break your business, especially when the competition is heavy. You can do this by including interior and exterior business photos. Whether you’ve been in business a decade or a couple of years, some of your website visitors may have not had the opportunity to come visit. You can virtually welcome them by using local photos.

This includes special landmarks, the neighborhood where your business resides and other companies in the area. Once you have the photos, you want to optimize your search with an image markup. My-business-exterior-Haymarket-Village-Maryland is a perfect example. You can also use keyword relevance through your text.  “Just past the giant donut in Ironman!” is something might help dramatically increase presence in Google image search.

Unique Blocks of Content

Your business is unique, and its connection to your community is just as important. Create blocks of information that describes your community involvement and why your business loves the area that you’re located in. If your business is known for volunteering, this is your chance to brag. Is your company next to a world famous restaurant? If so, share with your customers what makes it so special. If you have historical information or fun facts about your community, offer up a few tidbits such as, “it’s the home of the world’s largest ball of string or the best bacon on a stick.” If you’re not familiar with the history or specific landmarks, do some research and find things that may relevant to what you do.

Directions and Mapping

If your location page houses a map, you want to ensure that it’s linked to your company and not solely the address of the business. Google My Business and address only allows you to see the differences in items that can work and those that don’t. You can also add other notable mentions of landmarks or street names that are within the community when you incorporate written driving directions. It also makes it easier for your customers to find you when you provide additional information.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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