5 Ways to Make Your Office Space Seem Larger Overnight


Whether you have a tiny cubicle or are blessed with an oversized workplace, space is always at a premium in any office. You'll need room to have meetings, conduct private phone conversations, and perform the day's work without dealing with constant interruptions, which can take up to six hours a day of your time.

But if you've maxed out all the available area and are still at a loss for how to create more room, try these tips to make it feel less cramped.

1. Perform a Deep Clean

A workplace should simply be a workplace: nothing more and nothing less. It shouldn't be a shrine to your bottle cap collection or a showroom for all your favorite dog paintings, so as much as you may love them, remove as much work-related paraphernalia as you can.

Despite freeing up physical space, the main benefit to decluttering your area is mental; the human brain simply cannot function efficiently when there are loose papers and things falling all over the place.

In case you haven't yet, this is also an excellent time to go paperless. Store as much of your information as you can on your computer, thumb drive, or external hard drive, and shred all the loose papers that you can. Just make sure you have backups, or you could be in for a rough time with your coworkers.

2. Set Up Only the Furniture That You Need

As much as you love that oversized desk, you most likely do not need all that workspace to perform your day-to-day tasks. Since all of your data is on your computer anyways, save that space for other things, like a small conference table or custom floating shelves that can attach to the wall and replace bulky bookcases.

Also, consider investing in functional furniture that may look somewhat atypical but make the most of your floor space. Tables that have built-in chairs and also double as storage units or a desk that folds down from the wall. There are hundreds of specialty manufacturers today that specialize in functional designs that can turn unusable areas into a single-purpose functional design.

3. Go Up Instead of Out

Depending on how tall your ceilings are, you may be able to stack things on top of each other to save floor space in your office. A desk that also has shelves over the top, for instance, allows you to maximize the design without sacrificing walking room. In addition to shelves, place pockets on the walls that can allow you to access files or projects quickly if the need arises.

4. Change Your Meeting Styles

Nothing says you have to conduct meetings while sitting around a boring conference table, so if you are able to meet in a small room and hold clipboards, consider holding stand-up meetings instead sit-down ones. Not only will you save space, but you'll also make the meeting more efficient by forcing people to stay alert throughout the conference.

Another good tactic is to take your meetings on the move. Not every discussion will be able to be held out in the open, but for those that can, walk and talk with your colleagues at the same time. it's a favorite tactic of executives like Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs.

5. Switch to a Coworking Atmosphere

The days of cubicle farms may rapidly be coming to an end. These days, the office design of choice for most tech startups is to have a large open area with desks scattered throughout. While most workers at least have their own private space, the open design not only cuts down on walls and saves on furniture, but also fosters open communication between peers. Office areas and conference rooms for executives are still partitioned off, but those are normally the exception rather than the rule. If you're tight on space, and your able to knock down some walls, consider making the switch.

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Monday, 23 September 2019
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