5 Ways to Increase Email Open Rate

With the advancement of technology, marketing techniques and opportunities have increased and expanded to include email and social networks. One of the web marketing techniques that has been around the longest is email marketing. Anyone who has ever sent a marketing email knows that the difficult part is not typing the email or sending it, but getting the recipients to open it. That is why research has been done to determine the best ways to get people to open your emails. The following list details the top 5 effective methods for achieving a better email open rate.

Email Open Rate Tips

1: Real People VS Automated

The general consensus is that people prefer to correspond with real people rather than with an automated computer response. Automated emails are fine in certain instances, for example if someone signs up for your newsletter, an automated reply will be fine. However, you should always give an option for people to reply and communicate with a live human being. If there is ever a problem, people prefer to be able to contact a live person instead of a computer’s automatic response.

2: Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing people see when you send an email. Even though most email platforms have a preview of the email body, it comes after the subject line. With this being said, you should make the subject line and the beginning of the body correlate well with each other. One technique that has proved effective is to ask a question in the subject line about something that will grab the readers’ attention and get them to open the email.

Be careful not to make your subject line too long; the first few words are what will be noticed and if it is extremely long the message can be lost due to space confines. Use the subject line to introduce what is in the email body and always personalize the subject line whenever possible. You should consider your subject line to be the equivalent of the headline of an article in a newspaper. Some marketers say that they spend as long working on the subject line of an email as they do on the body, sometimes longer. Make sure it’s not spammy either. You should use this subject line tester to assess the quality and deliverability of your subject line.

3: Targeting and Segmenting

The use of targeting and segmenting can help you achieve the best open rate. Targeting helps in two aspects: first, it can improve your sign-up list. Be sure that people understand what they will be getting and that they really want to receive your material. Second, the use of targeting and segmenting in the actual sending of emails will improve open rates.

To do this, sort and segment your email contacts into various groupings, each with a very specific purpose. You should personalize each group’s email to their needs. From here you can create targeted campaigns directed towards certain segments. It is very important to refine your targets and not just create them and then leave them. The more refined your targeting is within a campaign, the more successful it will be. When considering targeted emails, consider mobile options as well. Many professionals rely on their mobile devices to stay updated email throughout the day. In this light, be sure that your email will be mobile friendly and easy to read.

4: Personalize

Personalize, personalize, and personalize. It cannot be said too many times; when possible, use personalization in any and all marketing emails. Personalization is an extension of targeting and segmenting. Consumers are far more likely to open an email that is personalized for them. Contour and refine your emails and email groups so that each person gets an email tailored to them. Personalization should cover all aspects of an email; the subject line, the text, the header(s), and the images contained within the email.

5: Test

Testing is a vital part of marketing. The more you test the better your results will be. Try out different themes, different HTML to text ratios, and different subject lines. Anything that can be changed, test it in every form available. This is the only way to truly find what is most desirable for your audience. Every time you conduct a test, monitor the results closely. For every target grouping you use, you need to conduct tests with each one. It is highly unlikely that any two groups will respond in the same way to each change and test.

Every time you find something that works, keep a log of what it was and which group responded to it. After a complete series of tests, you should come out victorious with the perfect email combination for each and every one of your email groups. Remember that technology is an ever-changing field; when something changes regarding the way you compose or the way you send emails, new tests will need to be done. It is also a good practice to conduct new tests every time you gain a certain number of people who are receiving your material. Combine Forces

Any one of these tips is not enough to make a difference alone; they must all be used in conjunction with each other. In order to successfully achieve personalization you must use thoughtful targeting. You must conduct many well thought out tests to determine what works best for your customers. Subject lines are also a big part of this process as testing and personalizing a subject line will be of great benefit to your email open rate. Real people vs. automated computer responses are also a part of this; do not rely on computers to generate all of your emails. Instead write them yourself or delegate someone else to it. Emails that are written by humans rather than a computer program are far more likely to please recipients. As long as you do not exclude any one tip in favor of another, you will do fine.

Never Ending

To keep your open rates up you must continue to use these tips with every email you send. It is not enough to use them once and then stop. Since Internet marketing is forever changing and evolving, you must change and evolve with it or you will lose your customers. To avoid this, make a habit of running new tests and checking personalization periodically, depending on the amount of people that you send to. Keeping up with email open ratings is a never-ending job, but it is worth every second that you spend on it. Emails are a very important part of everyday business, especially for web marketers.

The biggest problem faced with marketing emails is getting the recipients to open them. However, with these 5 easy email tips you can get more opens than ever before. To recap:

  • Use a live person to respond whenever possible as people prefer dealing with live people as opposed to an automated computer response.
  • Make the subject line of every email an attention grabber. Ask a question, get creative and do not make a subject line longer than 50 characters.
  • Separate the recipients into categories and groups to ensure each recipient is getting a relevant email.
  • Personalize emails based on your targeting and segmenting so that you will be delivering highly relevant content to each recipient.
  • Test methods, fonts, page set-up, images, subject lines, and any other conceivable part of an email. The more you test the better your results will get to be.
Continue to update your methods every so often to keep up with the fast changing marketing world. If you do all of these things, you will see a great increase in your email open rate. You must remember; however, that it does not happen overnight. You must work at it on a regular basis to get the best results possible.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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