5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

In the past, all your business had to do to gain a solid presence in the social media world was to sign up for a Facebook account and post a few things every so often. While your business should still implement Facebook into its current marketing plan, there are several other innovative marketing techniques you should considering using that may get your business out of a marketing slump. Here's 5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy.

1. Use more social media

There are a wide variety of social media networks out there that your business can take advantage of. One benefit of using social media to get your business’ name out there is that it gives your business the ability to directly interact with past, present, and future customers. While you may already have a Facebook or Twitter account that is updated regularly, this may not be enough. Connect with newer social media outlets like Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin to bolster your company’s image on the Internet.

2. Make them laugh

Depending on the products and services your business offers, it may be appropriate to thrown in some humor into your new marketing campaign. A humorous commercial, slogan, or Facebook blurb will go much further than a post that describes what your business does and the services you have to offer. One advantage of making people laugh is that they will be more likely to share. For example, if an individual is sitting at their desk watching videos, they will be more likely to share it with their office-mate if it makes them laugh, thus increasing your company’s exposure.

3. Go mobile

Nowadays, you can hardy go into public without seeing the majority of individuals using their smartphones and tablets. Formatting the content you business produces and formatting it to be mobile-friendly will enhance the way your business is viewed. For example, if your business’ website is difficult to navigate on a small screen, you could end up losing customers. Create a separate web design specific to mobile applications or consider constructing an app that will direct users directly to your company’s services.

On top of an outstanding mobile application and website, implementing QR codes into your business’ marketing strategy may be extremely beneficial. These small codes create a quick and easily accessible link to your business’ website that may ultimately help you produce more revenue.

4. Be green

Reach out to those with a concern for the environment by introducing “green” procedures into your business’ operations. Once you have done this, go forward and announce to the world through your various marketing outlets that you are an environmentally-friendly company. Right now, there is a huge movement for all things “green” and your business can capitalize on this trend. Remember, if you market yourselves as an eco-friendly business; do not fail to back it up with actual “green” procedures. While you may see the fruit of your efforts soon after you announce your business is going “green,” it may hurt you even more than you thought if it is found out that your business isn’t actually doing what it said.

5. Upgrade your blog

Don’t underestimate the power a good blog can have on your business’ marketing strategy. If your business doesn’t have a blog, start one. If your business already has one, make a few adjustments to it if you don’t think it will impress visitors. Produce content that is relevant to your business, but is also engaging, informative, and interesting to readers. Keep posts short and don’t forget to include pictures.

Your business’ success may reside wholly on the outcome of your marketing efforts. By implementing these few suggestions into your marketing plan, you may get the results you have been looking for.

What are some ways you get your business out of a marketing slump? Do you focus on social media or use more traditional strategies?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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