5 Ways to Improve Managerial Skills Within Your Company

When you are running a company, your managers are the glue that keeps your workforce on the same page. Without a good managerial team, each employee would do their tasks in their own specific ways, ignoring any kind of focused directive laid out by the company. For this reason, it is important that your managers make it a point to keep their managerial skills sharp. Here are five ways that managers can improve their skills.

Analytic software to sharpen managerial skills

The first thing a manager should do is gather up all relevant data that can help them see what needs to be improved. Businesses output huge quantities of data nowadays. Specialized software suites, or online tools like MBAware are designed to compile and display this information in an easy-to-understand format. Having all the data laid out will allow a manager to better isolate problem areas.

Failure breeds success

Now and then, it is a good idea for managers to let those under them fail at their jobs. It does not matter if you are a large Fortune 500 company or like domo, a startup in Utah, the result is the same. Employees that have been tempered by the fires of failure will come out the other end stronger. Particularly tough failures can also instill some important lifelong lessons that otherwise would never stick. Managers that are comfortable with this practice will also develop more confident employees.

Take an interest in your workers

This may seem like a simple recommendation, but often managers will treat their employees in impersonal ways. This is not likely borne out of any disrespect or resentment; it may just be how that particular manager was trained. Instead, have managers take an active interest in those under them. A stronger bond between employee and manager will breed success.

Keep an open mind

Managers that get set in their ways are less likely to be open to new ideas from their workers. This could lead to stagnation and lost opportunities, especially in a fast-moving industry like technology where many of the best ideas come from unlikely sources. Be sure that your managers are always keeping an ear out for any new ideas, even if they appear likely to fail.

Do not be harsh

It is one thing to be critical of an employee's performance; it is another to be overly harsh to the point where any benefit from the criticism gets washed away in a bout of anger or spite. It should be the manager's job to support and guide a worker when they need it most, not to scold them.

Making better managers

Keeping your managers in top shape should be a constant priority at your company. Not only are they you link to your workers, but they also serve as gatekeepers of information. A strong managerial force will empower the rest of the company to achieve greatness.


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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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