5 Vital Tips to Plan a Business Conference

Hosting a conference is a very complicated project and its success depends on the meticulous planning that goes into it. It might be a business’s first or the tenth conference, believe us, it take the same amount of effort and hard work. Small business conferences are a must to keep in touch with the customer base, the changing trends in the market and to make their presence felt.

Hosting conference is not a cheap affair, read on for tips on how to plan a business conference...

1. Start the Planning Early

It is strongly advised to start planning right at the conception of the idea. Start by setting the date and give yourself at least a year’s time in order to get everything in place. An early start also implies there will be a wider choice in venues and also more choice in rates.

2. Fix A Budget and Stick To It

Conferences are like weddings, there are no limits to the amount of splurging that one can do. So it is advised to make a budget that suits the company’s finances and instruct all to stick to it, no matter what. The first thing to do is to book a venue at a rate that suits the budget. First time planners can search similar businesses and get an idea of what is available at what price in the market. A rough estimate of the people expected to participate should also be made.

3. Appoint a Conference Coordinator

It is always best suited to appoint a single team leader, who can take a call for all important matters related to the conference. Too many cooks will spoil the broth. He will also need a team of assistants who will be assigned different departments of work.

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4. Selection of the Location

The attendance at the conference and the drop out ratio will primarily depend on the location of the conference. A lot of research and inspection needs to go into this decision. A location which is approached easily and has good connectivity is always best suited than an out of the way one. Also keep into account at this stage the food cost, hiring charges for equipment and transportation costs.

5. Hire a well known speaker

One of the most common trends witnessed in the last decade is to hire a conference speaker for a conference. Always look for a personality that suits the theme of the event and the budget too. There are many agencies today who offer services of speakers in all categories and costs. Once the speaker is shortlisted the company spokes person needs to get in touch with him, in order to brief him about the objective of the conference.

You can also hire funny motivational speakers to give some enjoy and relax to the conference members if conference is of long duration so that they don't feel bored in between the conference.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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