5 Unique Technologies That Are Perfect For The Modern Workplace

Workplace collaboration is easy when everyone is at the same location. However, increasingly, the "workplace" means facilities located around the country or the world. Businesses now are starting to expand all over the world and even online. The "Internet of Things" is growing as more equipment becomes connected smart devices. Here are five technologies that are a great idea to implement if you are looking to modernize your expanding business fast.

Wireless Hot Spots

People are now dependent on mobile devices. However, at times a small screen and limited apps aren't enough. Also, technical staff in the field may need laptops to do their jobs well, but the cost of Wi-Fi services can be prohibitive. That's where hot spots come in - most involve pay-as-you-go plans that allow users to pay for Internet access only as it's needed. This is definitely an investment that would be well worth it in the long run.

Cloud-based Projects

Cloud-based project applications are good for more than just scheduling and budgeting, they are also good for document sharing, real-time updates, and more through web-based hubs that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This allows everyone involved to collaborate without having to rely on emails and meetings.

Personal Connection

The most important aspect of team work is often the personal connections made. Exchanging ideas on things as simple as pizza or as complex as child-rearing can really help build relationships. Different technologies can also help build relationships in the workplace. For example, a program called Sqwiggle allows a form of instant messaging that involves keeping workstation webcams on so that workers can easily video chat from their desks, allowing face-to-face interaction without the wasted time of walking back and forth.

Natural-Language Processing

NLP technology is advancing steadily. This is a software that has the ability to translate text or spoken commands into encoded, structured information, such as forms or reports. Schools offering a computer science masters online allow working people to study at their own convenience and drive this emerging technology of "codeless programming" into applications allowing organizations to create informational tools on the fly without the delays of formal development.

Cloud-based Telephony

Smart phone use means that most office workers now have at least two phone numbers. In BYOD environments employees may find it difficult to keep their personal and working lives separated. Cloud-based telephony systems allow users to integrate communications into one messaging system, which often includes video chat. These telephony services are a convenient and affordable means of organizing communications.

Lately technology seems to be adding more "things" to an increasingly Web-based existence. The means to simplify our jobs is the same technology that complicates them. We must explore and adopt innovative workplace tools that help to simplify our tasks.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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