5 Tips on Writing FAQs To Help Grow Sales


The FAQs section (aka Frequently Asked Questions section) is a common and important section of a website. This section consists of all the common questions that a potential customer can ask along with their comprehensive questions. A well-written FAQ page can increase your sales considerably as this is the place customers turn to when they get a question about a product before making a purchase. Here are 5 tips on writing FAQs to help grow sales:

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Spending some time and effort here can help you satisfy your cautious customers more effectively which can, in turn, encourage sales and help increase your revenue. The following guidelines can give you some insights into writing an effective FAQ page.

1. Include a call-to-action button

Besides answering customer questions, your aim should be to entice them to take the desired action i.e. to get a sale or lead. If a customer is served by answering the right question the right way, they are more likely do whatever you want them to. It’s a good idea to add a call-to-action button on your FAQ section which will direct them to take the desired action. The button should be displayed at a place and in a way that readily catches the attention of the visitor.

In this example, the call to action button is the “FREE Trial” button added at the bottom right corner. Note that the button is clearly visible.

2. Include Proof

People generally are not willing to take risks. Before giving you a sale, they want to make sure the products or services they are going to buy are trusted by other people in the community. Many buyers look at product reviews before making a purchase, looking to establish the value they will get from the product they buy.

In this context, it is highly useful to leverage the credibility of third parties that have used your products or services. To do so, you can add your social proof in the form of customer logos next or close to your FAQ section. Here's an example of use of logos. 

What if you don’t have logos or testimonials to insert? In this case, you can pick a relevant quote from a well-known figure and quote them or an article by large brands on a related topic and include their picture or logo.

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4. Keep them engaging

If you write your FAQs page just for the sake of answering customer questions, they will tend to become boring. Think of your FAQs as clients asking questions over the phone. Avoid high-level language, try to make it simple and easy to understand.

Make the questions and answers as two-way conversations by putting quotes around important details. 

Another way to make your FAQs engaging and memorable is to use images. Relevant and nice looking images help visitors connect with the content.

5. Integrate Video

Consider your FAQs page as just another opportunity to earn sales and do whatever you can to achieve this while at the same time keeping it informatory. An advanced level tip is to integrate a video. This can be of great value as it will improve the credibility of your company. 

Hearing a real person answering common questions will earn the viewer’s trust. Videos convey a clear message in less time. Consider the following example and see how appealing it looks.

5. Follow up

If you have collecte any of your prospective customer’s information who came to your website, entered some of their details but did not end up buying then you can follow up with these prospects with an initial follow-up email.

You can include the context of your FAQs and pitch them with something that can drive them back to your website. You should always ask them to reply if they did not find their questions and be clear that you will be happy to help answer any further questions they might have.

Over to you now. When was the last time you reviewed your FAQs page? Any tips on writing FAQs? Share them in the comments below. 

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