5 Things to Look for When Investing in New Software for Your Business

You Guide to Purchasing Brand New Software to Meet the Growing Needs of Your Company

Investing in new software for your business can sometimes be costly, but if you know what you want from your applications, it will be worth every penny.

Deciding to invest in software development for your business is a great step towards streamlining your company’s technology. There is so much to gain from investing in software – amongst other things, you’ll be saving time and increasing your team’s productivity.

Perhaps you already know what you want to get from your software but don’t know what technology is available to you?

Follow and apply these 5 rules for buying software and you can be confident that you are investing in the right services and applications that will help you grow your business.

Check that the Software Fits your Needs

This might come across as obvious, but more often than not businesses end up wasting a lot of money on an all-singing, all-dancing platforms that offers far more features than they’ll ever need.

All the bells and whistles can, in fact, make the software much harder to understand and difficult to use. Staff will get confused by intricate dashboards and endless taskbars, and may take longer to complete tasks, which defeats the point of investing in software that is going to increase productivity.

If you cannot find software that fits your needs, it may be worth getting a quote for the development of a bespoke platform. This way, you’ll be making sure that you only pay for what you need (and in many cases this option isn’t as expensive as you might think).

Scalable Software

It is important that you check that your chosen software does not have user and data limits. The price might seem very attractive, but if you are a company that needs to facilitate 20 users, software that only allows for 5 accounts isn’t going to be very useful! Also, think about whether you are looking to grow as a business. You do not want to limit yourself and find yourself purchasing a new software to accommodate new employees, if and when you start hiring new staff.

Software Provider Support

Software support is essential to small business owners that are completely new to business technology. Unless you have an in-house IT department or tech expert, we’d recommend ensuring that software support comes included in the package, or at the very least can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

Even you are quite tech savvy, it is still important to invest in support. The software may work like a dream when you first purchase it, but technology changes fast and glitches need to be resolved with the help of your software support.

Transparent Prices

Any respectable software provider will give you the option of choosing where your system is hosted and who stores the data. If the provider insists that you should keep the data or ‘own’ the data you put in their system, then be wary. Most good companies will do this as standard anyway, but make sure that you ask the provider to include any compulsory features that you will have to buy in the final quotation.

Yes, it is extremely boring to sift through the small print, but ensure that all the terms and conditions are accessible and fully digestible. This will avoid potential future disagreements with the software provider, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what is included in the service.

Long-standing Business Relationships

We would all like to believe that we would never get duped into investing in something that we don’t need, but it happens the best of us, particularly if there is a persistent sales person involved! Check that the software provider has a long-standing client portfolio and ensure that you read up on their client testimonials before parting with your money.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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