5 Steps You Should Take With Local SEO

SEO varies when you are talking about the local SEO versus the global SEO. Globally speaking, you can use the traditional methods of getting to the top SERPs. However, Local SEO requires a bit more detailed techniques to get you recognised. Primarily, you want to ensure that the local public knows that you exist, without such your Local SEO will never go anywhere. Here are 5 steps from Terry Burrows of Just Internet Solutions that you should take to ensure your local SEO.

List your business with local listing pages

Imagine that your site is a penny in a bowl of a hundred pennies. How do you stand out? What makes you different from all of the other sites out there? Well, first you have to let people know you are there (such as painting the penny blue). The way that you do this on the internet is to list your business with google, yahoo, and bing’s local business page. It may seem like a simple step, but many times this step is overlooked.

When you list your business ensure that you put your local number, address, and a website address. If the page offers a description make it SEO oriented. Be careful not to add words which are not relevant to the site, but do ensure that you focus on listing your business genre as well as the county/city in which you live.

Use Local Visual Content

Visual content is one of the quickest ways to build up your SEO. Adding localised visual content that is appropriate to your site can quickly help with your local SERPs. For example: If you are a local automotive shop and the city has a car show annually, adding a YouTube video of the local car show to your site will help to drive traffic to your site, gain comments, as well as help your SEO because it is relevant to your content. The key is that the visuals must be relevant. Do not try to build your local SEO with content that has nothing to do with your site as you may be identified as spamdexing or try to avoid using black hat SEO software, only use the best SEO tools that you have at your disposal.

Support other Local Businesses

Building up other business is essential to building your local SEO, especially if you want to have links to your site with local businesses. This can be done in a number of ways. You could sponsor an event or a local high school, contribute to a government project, or write a blog on a specific (and relevant) city issue. You can also put advertisements in the digital version of your cities newspaper (though I would do this sparingly as you do not want to have your local SEO all ad based). The more of a local presence you have online, the more your local SEO will go up. Remember, your goal is to be seen as a local UK business and not as a global business.

Build up Reviews, Experience Feedback, and Comments

Your customer/user experience is going to be the key to your local SEO. You want to ensure that the landing page of your site gives all the information needed to drive the user further into the content. If you don’t have anything for your users to comment on you need to put something in place to get people talking, commenting and involved with your business. Managing your online reviews is also vital to maintain your reputation.

Your local SEO takes a bit of work but you can get into the top SERPs. Do not neglect the basic techniques of national and global SEO as you will want to be listed both locally and globally (if you want to reach that far). Above all, you need to ensure that you have a strong Social Media presence and a Mobile Friendly website if you ever want to go anywhere with your SEO.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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