5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Online Sales Today


If you have an online store and are looking for ways to increase online sales then here are some tips for increasing your e-shop conversion rate. Here are 5 simple tricks to boost your online sales today:

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1. Good Web Design

Good design is an important aspect of making your website look attractive. The more presentable it looks, the more your viewers will be attracted to it. It also needs to be very user friendly so that people will find it easy to shop your products.

2. Wishlist-On-Sale Emails

Most of the people who do online shopping like to add products to their wish list so they can buy them later on. Most of the online shoppers are also price sensitive and love to buy stuff on discount.

You can score extra points by informing your subscribers about their favorite products. Tell your customers when their favorite items go on sale. Another tactic is to email your buyers and tell them when their favorite products are about to go out of stock, that may incite them to buy it.

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3. Highlight Special Deals

Everyone loves a special deal but if yours aren't very obvious to website visitors then they may miss them. Make sure that your users see all the deals and do not miss them by highlighting your special deals in a way that your audience cannot skip them. Whatever you do, your job is still to make it easy for your buyers to convert. 

A popup can promote special deals, just make sure popups stand out from your website colour scheme, and aren't too intrusive or annoying. So your shopper is not distracted but is made aware of their existence.

You can also add an info bar at the top of your web page. This can also promote your special deals and aim to boost the conversions from all these offers. You can choose to either display these bars to all your visitors, or you can only target specific visitors based on their previous behaviour and favourites.

4. Take Care Of Cart Abandoners

Half the people who shop online do not complete their shopping and just abandon their cart. Think of ways to encourage cart abandoners to rethink. You can use cart recovery mailers, many email software providers offer integration to trigger these upon cart abandonment. These remind people they left things in the cart. You could also offer an additional discount to complete the purchase. 

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5. Product Videos

Watching a product video can mean a target customers is more likely to then buy your product, as they have invested some time in understanding the product. But it is also okay if you cannot afford a product video for every product. You can create it for those products only that are the top sellers, expensive and have higher revenue margins.

Hopefully thinking about implementing some of these will help you increase your online sales. 

Over to you now. Have you done any of these 5 tips on your online store? Tell us in the comments below. 


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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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