5 Services Small Entrepreneurs Need if They Want to Grow

While employing a core team of staff is central to any successful business, an over-reliance on permanent employees can create a complacent and demotivated workforce that does not always optimise its productivity.

This can lead to a lack of accountability within the business, and this notion was explored by a Tackle Fanatics study which revealed that a staggering 60% of people chose to fabricate a story to avoid pre-arranged plans and responsibility for tasks at work. The brand even had a little fun by creating an online excuse generating tool that provided intuitive reasoning which was able to avoid repetition, highlighting the ease with which employees can avoid responsibility in the workplace.

This is one reason why outsourcing is such a viable resource for business-owners, as it allows you to build a team of dedicated professionals who can each attend to what they do best while also maintaining a high levels of productivity (and accountability) that justify their salary. Smart entrepreneurs therefore use outsourcing to bring in experts they might not be able to afford — or don't need — as part of a flexible and motivated workforce that can cover large and small jobs throughout the company and help to optimise efficiency levels.

In this article, we will address the key outsourcing areas and services that can enable your business to achieve sustainable growth over time. These include:

Bookkeeping Functions

While it's vital to keep an eye on your numbers, you don't need to make every bookkeeping entry in-house. A bookkeeping service can handle your back-office tasks and data entry and provide you with the accurate, updated line-item figures you need to make profitable decisions. Bonus: You can take your bookkeeper's records straight to your CPA at tax time for a painless process.

Payroll Processing

Even if you choose to do most of your bookkeeping in-house, outsourcing your payroll is worth considering. If you only have a small staff, keeping up with changing labor laws and filing all the state and federal paperwork necessary to be in compliance takes a disproportionate number of man-hours. Even the most innocent payroll mistakes or omissions can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and fines.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vital piece of the marketing puzzle for most businesses today, but producing great content requires a lot of time and expertise — and mediocre content is pointless or even counterproductive. Outsourcing allows you access to experts in SEO, content curation, graphic design, and writing without creating full-time positions. Outsourced content can be ordered as needed, so it's scalable to your business flow and budget. You'll also be able to easily switch between text-based content, infographics, flow charts, and other presentations.

Business Technology

Data is the lifeblood of a company, and when the phones or IT network are down, business grinds to a full stop. These essential systems are best laid out by business technology experts like Taylored Systems, who will not only design and install your systems but maintain and troubleshoot them, as well. Staying up to date on technology and the latest security threats is an ongoing process best left to a dedicated team of professionals.

Virtual Assistant

Think a virtual assistant can't save you much time? Think again. Imagine having someone hand-screen your emails, snail mail, and other non-urgent messages and forward only what you really need. A virtual assistant can also research travel arrangements for you, take care of social tasks like thank-you cards and holiday greetings, and research industry information and purchases. Some executives even have their VAs populate their calendars with local entertainment options, festivals, and concerts so they can make better use of rare free hours. All without using up an inch of valuable office real estate.

Some entrepreneurs resist outsourcing because they feel like they'll be giving up too much control. On the contrary, outsourcing lets you bring in dedicated experts with the exact skills you need without spending tons of money on hiring new team members. It's a win-win strategy!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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