5 Secrets Of A Successful App Launch That No One Will Tell You


Launching a new app can be exhilarating – the excitement, the anticipation of success and rush of users and downloads. Your months of hard work have finally come to an end. However, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. You do everything right but still doesn’t get the response you were looking for? No hundreds of downloads, no rush of customers, what gives? If this sounds like your worst fear then don’t let this happen to you. Here are 5 secrets of a successful app launch:

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The app market has grown huge in the last few years making it harder and harder to get noticed by users due to a saturated market. With so many similar apps in the market at the same time, you need something extra to get noticed and find traction.

Here are our 5 secrets on how to make an app launch that successfully manages to create value for you and your users from day one. Follow these five secrets to a successful app launch that no one will tell you.

1. Have a marketing plan

If you are launching a mobile app then you need to have a mobile marketing strategy. You can’t just launch your app in all the stores and hope for the best. You need to build hype and excitement in your customers because otherwise, chances are no one will ever discover your app. That’s just wishful thinking!

Marketing for mobile application isn’t different from other marketing plans. Requiring an understanding of the business objectives, you need to determine which marketing tactics and platforms you should be using to market and then make changes as you go.

Marketing isn’t a problem if you know the objectives the product you are offering - tell people how your app solves their problem – that’s an incentive enough for them to download and try your app.

Pro tip: If your app is paid, consider making a free version with a limited set of options. Monetize in-app purchases to make people try it first. If they aren’t trying it, they aren’t buying it.

There are approximately 100 applications launched each day on Apple alone, and without a marketing strategy, your app won’t get a spotlight even for a second.

Give discounts to people on occasions, even a little discount can boost the reach of your app by giving people that extra push to download this app.

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2. Focus on user experience

What’s the one thing that most top apps do excellently? They do one thing and they do it perfectly.

Don’t build an app for everything, if your app is a To-Do list or reminder app, make it so and build it around customer needs that other apps don’t fulfill. Don’t fall into the trap of adding every feature on the face of the planet; rather refine few features to offer users amazing user experience.

Pro-tip: Do user testing before and after launch by taking in feedback from your target audience. These are the people who will be using your app. Implement their feedback in your app to make it more refined and remember, you are providing a solution to these people and if they don’t like it they won’t use it.

3. Engage with customers

To build a successful platform for your app, you need to have a considerable amount of engagement from your audience, but this engagement would mostly falter if you don’t engage with them too. It needs to be a two-way engagement.

Reply to user queries and feedback on your social networks by giving them satisfactory answers. Your app is a product in progress, you will make mistakes and it will have bugs – so admit it and make users your friend.

Pro-tip: Once launched, reply to reviews and feedback. A simple “Thank You” for people who leave compliments would make them feel valued. It’s also worthwhile to ask people who left a 1-star review for what exactly they disliked and how you can improve your product or service.

4. Track all the stats

To understand the dynamics of your app, it is important that you have various statistics in place about how people interact with your app; how much time they spend on your app; what services are they interested in the most and so on.

If you are actively marketing the app, then you need to track and analyze what is working best for you allowing you to focus more on profitable portals to market your app further.

Pro-tip: Use a tracking tool/software to measure and track these stats to automate the process. Improve the services that are popular among your users and focus on platforms that are bringing in a high number of users to your application page.

5. Target all platforms

If someone told you that you are only getting half of the total engagement you could be getting, you’d surely want to know how you can engage the rest of the 50% of users. You already know the answer. If your app only caters to one of the two big platforms - Android and Apple - then you are sabotaging your reach by cutting it in half.

Pro-tip: While iPhone seems like the logical choice, Android has been dominating half of the app market share for a quite a while now, So if you want your app to have maximum reach, build for both platforms and give identical quality on both platforms.


There is a lot of competition, but many applications have made their mark soon after their release showing that with great strategy and marketing you too can launch a successful app maximising long-term value for yourself and your users.

The secret is out - have an app that’s simple and to the point and offer something others aren’t. Market and engage with your audience. Track and analyze your statistics as you go and continue growing and evolving.

These strategies have worked for many and would for you too if implemented correctly. Tell us which strategies have you found most useful for developing and launching successful mobile apps?

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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