5 Recommended Small Business Accounting Software Options


Unless you are a qualified accountant, odds are you’ll need some help with your business’s accounts. And you are probably going to need to invest in some accounting software. However, since there are so many products available, it can be tough to know what to choose. To help you make sense of it all, I have picked out some packages. Here are 5 recommended small business accounting software options:

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1. Xero

Xero is an award-winning accountancy platform, designed to handle and digitise every aspect of bookkeeping - from invoices to expenses. Designed with small businesses in mind, Xero is very much a one-stop shop for your financial accounting. Their services are designed with mobility in mind, with a dedicated app allowing you to do your books on the fly.

They have a clear and simple pricing plan that is a rolling monthly subscription split into three tiers depending on the level of services you require.

Key Features include:

  • Fast Bank Reconciliation - so your bank, credit cards, and Paypal can all be managed and categorised.
  • Inventory services allow you to track sales, purchases and easily create invoices.
  • Connects with over 700 third-party apps, so will fit seamlessly with whatever other solutions you use.

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2. Sage

Sage is one of the UK’s leading software companies. They provide enterprise software solutions for a host of companies, including a whole suite of accounting products.

Although they are such a large company, they have a whole raft of services aimed at smaller businesses. Their solutions are designed to interface seamlessly with Office 365, so are well placed to work with almost any business IT setup, across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Also, with Sage being so large, they offer a huge amount of flexibility as your business grows. Unlike some other products, there is really no fear that you will outgrow their platform. However, some small business owners find this scale a little daunting. It is certainly true that Sage offers a huge array of services, which can be slightly overwhelming.

Another common criticism of Sage is that they can be slow to respond, and are somewhat on the expensive side compared with other products on this list.

Features to Mention:

  • Smart Digital Assistant automates accounting tasks for you.
  • Sage Payments handles both domestic and international payments
  • Sage Accounting allows for multi-currency invoicing

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3. Kashflow

Kashflow is an end-to-end accountancy solution designed specifically for the needs of smaller businesses. Everything about Kashflow is designed to keep accounting as simple as possible, so small business owners can focus on other aspects of their business. They currently boast a customer base of 58,000 businesses in the UK. Furthermore, their website offers lots of useful guides and documents that explain various aspects of running a business - so if you need to brush up on GDPR or employment law, they’ve got you covered.

As Kashflow is designed primarily for small businesses, it is very easy and intuitive to use. However, there is the fear that as your business grows you may need something more powerful, or customisable, than Kashflow. The small scale is appealing for many but may put off those businesses expecting rapid expansion.

Features to Mention:

  • Creates branded invoices automatically from quotes
  • Allows multiple payment options
  • Automatically checks that bank transactions match recorded transactions

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4. Quickbooks

Intuit’s Quickbooks offers services aimed primarily at small businesses, the self-employed and accountants. The strength of Quickbooks lies in seamless integration with mobile technology, allowing small business owners to run their business on the move. In fact, their entire solution is designed with mobility in mind. This is clearly particularly attractive for a business lacking a traditional office-based structure. Quickbooks is cloud-based, although they have strived to make the migration of your data to their systems as quick as possible. In fact, they claim that sixty-eight percent of their customers have all their data migrated within fifteen minutes.

Features to Mention:

  • Automatically categorises expenses
  • Tracks mileage through app
  • Produces a complete self-assessment for you - no number crunching at all!

5. Surf

Surf Accounts are an Irish company specialising in the Irish market. Unlike other accounting software, which was developed elsewhere and ported to the Irish market, Surf was designed in Ireland so is a natural fit for Irish businesses.

They offer a cross-platform online accounting service that is available on any device: IOS, Android and desktop. You can handle payroll, inventory and online payments all from the same app allowing for a fast and smooth user experience. On top of all this, Surf also offer a CRM service as well, so you can handle all your prospecting, invoicing and inventory within the same system.  

Features to Mention:

  • Designed for the Irish market - not imported.
  • Mobility built in with support for both Android and IOS
  • Offer a complete CRM package so everything can be handled in one workflow.

Over to you now. Do you use any of these 5 small business accounting software packages? Tell us in the comments below. 

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