5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Blogging

Blogging, to a degree, can be a hard one to quantify and establish a return on investment from. That said, ask anyone who does it well and KNOWS there's benefit in it and they'll convince you.

I do a lot of blogging on our business website, www.cuckoo.ie/blog

I do it for all the reasons below and more.

1. Google will love you more

I expect you would like your website to rank high on Google search results for whatever keywords are applicable? If so then you should be creating good content and publishing it on your website. The best way to do this is through a blog.

The content needs to be good and relevant. There's a little more to it than that but the creation of good content is 90% of it.

2. You'll set yourself apart

I recently had a call from a new potential client of the SEO company we use. Our SEO guys suggested they talk to me about how they might approach blogging and content creation.

Their worry was that their industry 'wasn't the kind of industry in which people blog'. He was right. Nobody in that industry seemed to be blogging at the time.

We spent a half hour chatting through blog ideas and topics. He was amazed at how many angles there were for him to explore.

Now his business blogs and still nobody else in his industry does.

3. You'll help people

Share your knowledge and experience.

Blog about things you know and understand that others may not.

Don't give away the recipe for your secret sauce but help people understand elements of your business or industry that may be second nature to you but daunting to them.

4. You'll position yourself as a thought leader

One of the most significant benefits of a good blog once it's established is that you can position yourself and / or your business as a thought leader within your industry.

You're the one asking questions. You're the one offering answers. You're the one sharing good content that's of interest to others in your industry.

You're the one.

5. It's therapeutic

To be fair, this is probably only the case for some business bloggers. I know it's definitely the case for me, however.

I love sharing my thoughts on the events industry. I enjoy challenging convention and provoking discussions.

If the prospect of writing a blog doesn't appeal to you then it's probably not going to be therapeutic for you.

That said, I'm not saying YOU need to be the one blogging. Perhaps someone in your organisation would revel in the opportunity and challenge of blogging for your business.

Perhaps it'd be therapeutic for them and give the a sense of contribution in the real growth of your business. That'd make for a motivated and effective employee.

The bottom line

A regularly updated blog with good content that people like enough to share is a superb asset to any business.

Think about it.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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