5 Reasons Why Employees Are Happy And Productive

I believe that every employer strives to have as many productive employees. The most effective way to improve productivity at work is to satisfy employees. In this post we talk about why employees are happy and productive.

None of the systems available out there, tools or methods can be compared with the level of productivity that can be obtained if employees honestly enjoy their work and are happy in their company.

Employee satisfaction is one of the most important preconditions for long-term success of the company's business, which directly reflects the quality of its products and services, and therefore the results of its operations.

Why employee satisfaction is the key to better productivity?

There are many reasons, but for me, these are the most important:

Satisfied employees are less concerned when they make a mistake, therefore make them fewer

People learn from mistakes, and those employees who are satisfied, do not burden too much when they make one. Simply accept it, and learn how and what needs to be done in future and move on. This leads to fewer errors later, train employees and teams, and necessarily implies more productive work.

Satisfied employees make better decisions

When people are unhappy, they work in a constant state of tension. This reduces their focus, they do not see the "big" picture, and make quick and often wrong decisions. In contrast, happy employees make better decisions because they are well informed, and make an effort to learn more about the ultimate goal of their work.

Satisfied employees are seeking solutions to problems rather than to complain about them

When you are not happy at work, every obstacle you encounter acts like high mountain, although it is not probably. It is normal to whine, but people who are satisfied with their work, first think about how to solve the problem on their own way.

Satisfied, positive people get along better with the people around them

It is easier to work with happy, and engaged people. This immediately brings several positive things in the office: better teamwork, improved communication, more satisfied customers, and better sales results (if you have a Commercial sector).

Satisfied employees are more creative

This is especially important if you are working for creative company based on new ideas. According to one study, if people are happy and in a good mood, there are more chances to be creative that day, or even the next, regardless of the kind of mood the other day. Satisfaction make us more flexible, and inventive.

It is obvious that there is a correlation between employee satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, not only there is a connection, but it is two-way: happy employees are more productive, and productivity makes us happy.

Did you know that, according to one study, satisfied employees are:

  • Two times more productive
  • Five times more likely to remain longer at work
  • Six times more energetic
  • Taking sick days ten times less
  • Help their fellow 33% more than their colleagues who are less happy
  • Raise questions about the results of work 46% more often
  • Achieve their goals as much as 31% more often
  • Are 36% more motivated
According to the same source, the organization actually lost about 100 working days per year for every "unhappy" employee!

How to Know if Employees Are Really Happy?

Are you are considering to motivate, increase their productivity and improve the working atmosphere? Reward Gateway, an employee engagement company can provide answers to these, and many other questions, such as: what are the relationships, working conditions, development opportunities in any company.

Participation in the survey is the first step to more satisfied employees, and therefore more productive employees. The research results will help you discover areas in which you could increase the satisfaction of your employees, and you will find directions on how to make these areas continuously improve customer satisfaction. And in such a company everyone wants to work, isn’t it?



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Sunday, 19 May 2019
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