5 Reasons To Use Live Chat For Your Business


By now you must have understood the fact that quality customer service is crucial to the long-term success of your business. To make customers your vocal advocates, you need to provide a worthwhile and memorable experience every single time. So are you owning a business with an online presence and wish to grow? And are you using live chat? Here are 5 reasons to use live chat for your business:

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Communication has always been key when it comes to building strong customer relationships. Using live chat to provide real time answers is a good way of building that relationship, as well as reducing the amount of customers leaving your website.

Not only are you able to build a prospective customer’s confidence while they decide to buy, but it also helps to improve your conversion rates. Web-based live chat software even has the potential to add a human factor to your website. It helps manage and assigns your customer service agents to provide real-time answers. And there are also some key reasons why live chat can help your business.

1. Drive sales

With live chat, one can easily increase close rates and the entire revenue of your website. Customers are more likely to stay longer on a website and in turn, to buy, if they know there is always somebody on hand to help at the touch of a button.

2. Increase loyalty

Due to real-time human interactions, customers are more likely to purchase and turn into loyal, repeat customers. And that’s the reason why it is said satisfied customers can turn into a company’s most vocal advocates. Live chat is a great tool to help build that loyalty.

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3. Offer convenience

"Whenever you see the opportunity to create a WOW moment, act on it!" – Shep Hyken.

Gone are the days of dialling numbers and waiting on hold for some sensible person to respond. Live chat offers convenience then and there. 

In addition to this, customers can also multitask as they do not need to stare at the screen all day long.

It’s much to guide a user through text instead of voice. And links can be shared easily through live chat helping guide customers to the right products or services.

4. Gain a competitive advantage

How often do you see a live chat option on a website? The concept is still new, and most businesses are not yet offering it, this is an opportunity to step ahead and gain a competitive advantage by offering live chat on your website.

After all, it’s all about gaining leads and converting them into loyal customers before your competitors do. 

5. Cost effective option

There is no denying in the fact that live chat increases efficiency by handling multiple conversations simultaneously, which means one person can handle several customers at a time. It can also increase the average order value, since customers get real-time advice and answers to any questions they might have.

It can saves "product return" expenses as a live chat representative can help you pick the right product or service, which suits the customer best; thus he or she will be satisfied with it and won’t need to return it.

And the good news is live chat has a bunch of integrations ready for the most widely used e-commerce and content management systems, which means you don’t need to have complex development skills to implement live chat on your website.


Like it or not, we humans are very fickle-minded. We tend to hop from one business to another and chooses the one which is most responsive and offers the best convenience. Using live chat to build relationships with the people who come onto your website means you are more likely to convert and keep them.

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Sunday, 15 December 2019
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