5 Reasons to Elevate Your Branding Efforts to a Whole New Level


When you go shopping, do you pick the first shampoo you come across, or do you look for that one particular name in the crowd? We, as creatures guided by our emotions, we make all of our decisions, buying ones included, based on how we feel about a certain brand. However, this relationship is not a product of a single day spent designing the right logo and creating that mighty tagline, far from it. This bond is a result of a continuous stream of efforts every brand makes to build up its image and its reputation.

Now, consider what happens every time a new cosmetic brand pops up on the market. If your favorite Nivea haircare set didn’t keep up with its branding efforts, chances are you’d become curious about the new brands, and perhaps even switch to a new beauty set. This is where branding steps in to save the day.

1.      Increased customer retention

Much like with your trusted team of employees, the fact that you’re able to have a high retention rate speaks volumes of your brand’s value. It’s not an easy feat, however, and it requires an ongoing series of methods to keep your customers intrigued and in love with your brand. From personalized thank-you cards, special coupons and promotional material, there are many ways a brand can pamper a customer.

Branding is responsible for bringing in new customers, as well. As your return customers spread the word of your wonderful offer, they’ll become your spontaneous brand ambassadors.

2.      Distinguishing yourself from the others

Your market positioning heavily depends on how well you’ve branded yourself. Among so many competitors out there, it’s becoming crucial to let the world know why exactly you’re different and deserve their attention – and this is precisely where branding helps you thrive.

Through picking the right language, the perfect imagery, and the right communication channels, your brand can establish itself as the leader in the industry.

3.      Generating more brand awareness

Branding paired with strong marketing efforts is the perfect recipe for making some noise that will help your company and your reputation grow. However, every market has different preferences, so it’s crucial to know your playing field before you choose the strategy that will bring out the best in your brand.

For instance, using promotional products in Australia is one of the best ways to reach more people, establish a meaningful connection, and get your brand in front of the right audience. Even the simplest of items, such as photo frames or mugs with your logo, can lead to a new customer and new opportunities.

4.      Inspiring loyalty

It’s not the price, the clever slogans, or the cool name that makes your brand so memorable and relatable – it’s all your values and everything you stand for which is represented through your branding. Just look at Coke and Pepsi, which not only benefit from their endless rivalry, but their customers are no longer just customers. Their preference has become a part of their identity.

Of course, it’s highly improbable to develop a connection of that strength for every brand out there, but it’s precisely your approach that will push you at least one step closer to creating that loyalty. The key is to appeal to your audience’s emotions and to do your best to exceed their expectations, rather than just meet them.

5.      Attract the right employees

On a more inward-looking note, branding is essential for finding the right people to represent your company from the inside. We all know how Google is considered one of the best employers in the world, and their reputation inspires literally thousands of people to apply for their positions – in fact, as many as two million people apply each year.

They have branded themselves in such a manner that the world knows they deliver on all of their promises, making them a dream-come-true workplace. Strive to be the Google of your industry by practicing what you preach, and you will likely have the choice to handpick your employees who will share your passion for the same values.

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Friday, 22 November 2019
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