5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Code

Being an entrepreneur isn’t about getting stuck in the day-to-day operations. It’s all about delegating, building relationships, and making decisions. That’s how Steve Jobs built the world’s largest tech company without ever writing a single line of code himself. But that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs shouldn’t learn to code. Here are five reasons learning to code could actually help grow your business.

1. Save time and money

Programmers are expensive. Hiring a freelance programmer or app developer will cost your company anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour. As a startup company, your resources are limited. Learning to code yourself will save your business thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees every year. It could also help you save time. You could create your own custom app for highly technical tasks like keeping track of your BS5839 cable inventory, for example, or sending your accountant updates when the USD:GBP exchange rate changes drastically. If you can fix bugs or upgrade programs by yourself, you’ll save more time and money than you could imagine.

2. Train your mind to solve problems

Learning to code changes your brain in a very fundamental way. It stretches your mind and helps you think better, according to Bill Gates. Entrepreneurs who code always find creative and unconventional ways of looking at things when faced with a challenge. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh believes you can apply coding skills and thinking to any industry or even major life decisions.

3. Test ideas quickly

Again, time and money are always limited. So the more time and money you save, the better. When your new business idea is ready for the testing phase, you can learn and adapt quickly if you code the prototype yourself. Simply setting up a website or a new app yourself will give you a rough idea of how well your business model is likely to perform. That sort of flexibility is invaluable.

4. Easier to attract investment

The best investors invest in talent rather than ideas. If they see an entrepreneur with passion and skill, they’re more likely to overlook minor issues and unanswered questions about your business. Programmers are usually attracted to companies run by coders like themselves. Most of them don’t want to work for a typical ‘business guy’. Attracting investment and top talent is a lot easier if you know how to code.

5. Time management

Perhaps the most invaluable lesson coders learn is managing time. If you understand how apps and software is created, you’ll appreciate the amount of effort that goes into making it run smoothly. Even if you don’t code yourself, knowing the details will help you set realistic timelines for the programmers you hire.

There’s a lot of very good reasons for you to learn how to code. But if you’re running a business, picking up this skill could prove immensely valuable in the near future. Taking the time to learn coding will change the way you look at life and business decisions forever.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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