5 quick tips for your LinkedIn profile

I recently hit a LinkedIn milestone with 1000 connections. This has surprised me too but coincides nicely with our 1000 buyers on supply.ie.

Anyway, I have been asked a few times recently for some LinkedIn tips. Therefore, I wish to share some of my learnings from LinkedIn (and I strictly say my learnings as this is how is has benefited me).

For me, the most important aspect of LinkedIn is your profile – this is your online CV and a great way to promote your personal brand. So it is here we will start with 5 quick tips for your LinkedIn profile;

  1. Write your profile yourself, in the first person as this makes it much more personable. LinkedIn is primarily a tool for attaining and retaining business relationships. Hence, make your profile personable while being professional.
  2. Focus on your name, Job Title and Summary as these are the sections which are read most and more importantly, searched most by LinkedIn and Google. You don’t have much choice with your name (but you can add accreditations). However, ensure the Job Title reflects your goal and not your job . Most importantly, make your summary interesting and remarkable , not dull and generic while loading with keywords.
  3. It is very important to have a Professional Profile Picture , irrespective of how camera-shy you are. A picture paints a thousand words and people do business with people – they will see you at some stage! So get a good picture and avoid the alternative i.e. no Photo, the Company Logo or even the Un-Professional Profile Picture .
  4. Complete your profile! LinkedIn does a great job telling you what % of your profile is complete – 100% is not a target, its required to benefit most from LinkedIn.
  5. Get Recommendations – once your profile is complete, seek recommendations of your work/personality from (past) colleagues, clients, lecturers etc. You don’t need thousands but a few indicate your credibility (especially outside of Ireland where recommendations are held in higher regard).
So that sums up 5 quick tips for your LinkedIn profile. Have you any more to add?



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Friday, 18 October 2019
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