5 Offline Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business Presence

In this online dominated world we are in these days, it's easy to dismiss what we now call "offline marketing," which is basically marketing in the traditional sense as we know it. Of course, just because the Internet is so powerful and wide-reaching, it doesn't mean that all traditional marketing practices are totally obsolete all of a sudden (only some of them). It's just a matter of adapting them to online marketing practices and making the most of whatever resources you have.

But of course offline marketing would still be working since even though the Internet has connected the entire world, nothing still beats doing things face-to-face. As human beings, we're naturally attuned to social interaction, and the same goes for marketing. Making your physical presence known and not just relying on your virtual presence can be a powerful thing.

With that said, here are five great ideas for offline marketing that can work well in most cases. If you're skeptical about these being any effective, you might actually be surprised that these time-tested marketing techniques still do work in this Internet-obsessed world.

Support a Local Fundraiser or Charity

The key idea behind marketing is to give and give and give before you expect to receive. By providing value, you then get value back after convincing the people that you provide something they may want. With that said, it doesn't mean you should just do it only with customers in mind. That's why charity is something that may seem counter intuitive, but only to those who only think of the short term.

Of course, supporting a charity actually does a lot for your company's reputation and image. But it's not even just about that, but it's more of gaining more visibility. Being out and about in the community and doing your part is something that other people in the same position do appreciate, so it's generally a good idea to attend fundraisers and charity events to give you and your company a noticeable presence.

Distribute Flyers, Brochures, Posters and Vouchers that Provide Discounts

The good old fashioned print advertising strategy is still pretty much effective, so long as you give out those flyers and brochures in places where you're sure to find people who are interested in your niche. Attending events like bazaars and conventions can help with this, depending on what niche your business occupies.

More or less the same thing with posters, although you'd want to also leave them at public places just to get more coverage, but only if you can. Once you do have customers, vouchers can make them keep coming back as you promise them some good discounts. These supposedly obsolete print marketing methods can be pretty effective in attracting and retaining customers, as long as you know when and where to pull them off.

Host an Event

It's good to attend events to promote your business, but it's even better to host your own. Whether it's a contest, bazaar, concert, fun run, or so on, it's a lot like attending events as well. But since you're hosting it, you're providing a great amount of value to people who attend, so long as the event itself turns out alright.

Of course, it's pretty challenging on a number of levels. First off, you have to make sure that people would want to go there in the first place. Then you have to make sure that it runs smoothly; that you have the logistics down to a T. There's a ton of planning and troubleshooting involved that will have you juggling so many things that it'll make your head spin.

But once you do get it down, the rewards are tremendous. You can then improve with each event, adding something new as you go. Soon enough, it becomes your main marketing ploy and nothing else may come close to it (unless you blow a lot of cash on an ad in prime time television, but that may not be that worth it).

Collaborate with Other Local Businesses

This takes some doing and a bit of luck, the latter being that there should be business owners in your area who would be kind enough to even listen to your request. Then again, it doesn't even be that formal; you could do well with one who's your friend and has some interest in what you do. The collaboration could be as small as just pointing customers to the other guy's business whenever it's appropriate or as big as hosting an event together or even sharing space.

The benefit with a collaboration is that the other business' customers can become your customers as well, and vice versa. There's a lot that can be gained from a collaboration, so long as both business owners are on the same page. They can also share ideas and even come up with a new business altogether to go with.

Coin a Term That's Unique to Your Business

This does require a good bit of inspiration, especially since it's not something you can just force and expect to succeed. But when you do get that inspiration, run with it and play with all the ideas until you come up with something catchy and/or clever. Once you have it, you can then use it in your marketing and you'll attract people if they happen to like it.

You can even extend it to a hashtag for use in social media, yet another valid tactic for integrating offline and online marketing. It can be said that coming up with a term synonymous to your business or online store that actually works well is like lightning in a bottle, but that's how it is with some of these things in marketing.


Making use of these offline marketing strategies may seem like a lot of work, but that's just because it's always needed effort in the first place. If you have a business that's growing at this point, then you should be fine with grinding it out anyway. The most important thing when it comes to any sort of marketing is consistency; being persistent does pay off.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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