5 Office Design Trends That Could Make Your Company More Productive


Every company needs different work space to accommodate how it organises its workflows. The design of your office can affect how your employees work both by themselves and together. Every now and then trends emerge in the way offices are designed. Here are 5 office design trends that could make your company more productive:

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Bear in mind that trends come and go, your office should be there as long as your business is active. Your office needs to be both functional and comfortable for all your employees and be able to expand as your business grows.

1. Minimalism

For some time now, minimalism has been a very popular design style for offices. It has numerous advantages in terms of productivity, since it does allow your employees to focus on work with as few distractions as possible. To paraphrase Albert Einstein "A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind" so therefore it follows that a cluttered office makes it harder to concentrate. 

It may seem as if a minimalistic office is easier to create since there would be fewer items around but in fact the opposite is true. Creating an aesthetic with minimality in mind actually needs a bit of thought and planning. For example, where will you store stuff in the office? Will it feel too sterile?

2. Collaborative space

Open plan offices used to be the in-thing, especially with high-tech businesses as they felt like the way to make an office feel more democratic and more informal. No more closed doors, no more hierarchy, etc. But this also presented a problem for those who prefer privacy when they work.

Collaborative space offers the best of both worlds. A modern office should have spaces that are suited to working alone, but also dedicated collaborative space. This makes it easier for employees to brain storm and work collaboratively, but still work productively when needed.

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3. Casual is in

Everyone has seen the funky offices that big tech companies like Google have, with fun games and sofas. There’s no reason your office should be formal and boring. In fact, employees might be more productive if you choose office furniture that not only fits the tasks that need to be done, but also offer a bit of personality and less formal atmosphere.

This could be through the choice of colour or style of the furniture or wall colours you pick. Or through the use of casual space that people can relax in while having a coffee break or lunch.

4. Modular spaces

While setting up an office is expensive and requires thought and planning, try to think ahead if your company is going to grow as planned, then your office space needs to be adaptable to allow for changes and expansion.

This is where a more minimal approach can help because the design tends to be more modular in nature. But thinking of expansion when planning is always sensible. 

5. Office gardens

Did you know that office gardens are becoming a thing? It's not just what's inside your office but now outside that helps make for a better workplace. Office gardens can help productivity and overall mood around the office.

And some companies are even allowing employees to use the garden space to grow vegetables! New employee perk - fresh veg from the office!

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As companies are changing culture from formal to more casual, so is office design changing. A minimalistic look that’s adaptable and made for collaborative work is what’s in right now. By offering much less formality both in the way your office looks and feels to work in, as well as in your company culture, that’s what can help make everyone more productive.

Over to you now. How have you gone about designing your office space for productivity? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Saturday, 16 November 2019
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