5 New Year’s Resolutions for Enhancing PC Security

Ensuring that your PC is always properly and securely protected from viruses, malware, hackers, and other harmful code that could damage your data is always an important and necessary task. Unfortunately, many often let this task lapse, thinking that, once they've installed some antivirus software or turned on their firewall, they no longer need to monitor or keep up to date with their PC security.

The simple and harsh truth is that in today's advancing technological world, antivirus software and a firewall may not always be enough to keep your PC and data safe. It is more typical, these days, for computer users to utilize a firewall, perhaps download Immunet free antivirus, and also engage in other practices to increase and improve PC security.

The New Year is a perfect time to make long-lasting resolutions to enhance your own PC security. Here are five resolutions you can make that will keep your PC well protected.

  • 1.    Antivirus Software. The first step to ensuring proper PC security is to use antivirus software. There are many to choose from and you may opt for some of the more well known brands and titles; however, you might also want to download Immunet free antivirus software. Immunet offers cloud antivirus protection for both data stored on your PC and also data on the Cloud. This type of software offers more protection than many other traditional antivirus protection programs and, because it is based on cloud technology, it can be updated instantly, as well, to give you immediate protection from new threats.
  • 2.    Improve your firewall. Most PCs come with a built-in firewall, but many consumers opt to purchase a better one. Consult with a computer expert to learn what options are available for you so that you can make an informed decision as to what type of firewall to purchase. The firewall acts as your second line of defense against malicious code, viruses, and hackers, so it is important to always have it turned on. It is also important to keep your firewall software updated as well, so that it is ready for any new threats that may emerge.
  • 3.    Use multiple and better passwords. Using the same, easy to remember password for many sites and devices is convenient for you, but also makes it very easy for others to hack into your computer. There is also a major risk factor when you use the same password for several sites, as a proficient hacker can quickly hack into several different website accounts and potentially wreak havoc with your data, your finances, or other things pertaining to your life. Password management software can help you keep track of multiple passwords and also allows you to use more difficult, harder to crack passwords without worrying you will forget them.
4.    Backup Your Computer. Backups are important for many reasons. You never know when a power outage might overload your circuits and kill your hard drive. A backup stored in the cloud or on an external drive will ensure that your important data can be retrieved. A backup is also handy if malware or a virus causes problems with your data. Most PCs come with built-in software that will allow you to perform automatic backups on a consistent schedule so that you don't need to worry about doing it manually.

5.    Keep social network activity private. Hackers and other types of criminals also take advantage of people who don't protect their social media platform accounts. Information posted on sites such as Facebook or Twitter can sometimes be used to gain access to your accounts, or even be used for other malicious purposes. Be careful what you reveal, and always keep specific details or personal information private from those that you don’t know. Be sure to check the privacy account settings on Facebook and other platforms on a consistent basis, as settings can sometimes change, making information that was once private available for viewing to a much wider, public audience. Facebook is notorious for this, despite their efforts to alert users about changing privacy settings every so often.




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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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