5 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Part of an entrepreneur’s job is being able to do everything. From accounting, to marketing, to sales; when you are the business you have to do it all. Even for the most capable, this is no mean feat.

Fortunately, we live in an age of technological wonder where digital devices and apps can streamline many of these tasks. With these jobs taken care of, digital entrepreneurs are free to build better businesses, faster.

These are 5 apps for entrepreneurs that can pave the path to success in the digital realm at least!


Digestible Analytics

Google Analytics is a great and comprehensive platform that provides deep drill downs and an incredible array of data. But sometimes that data can be overwhelming and the layout can make it difficult to find what you want when you want it.

Clicky serves up your analytics data in real time and in an easy to read format. It also provides heat maps of your website so you can see how your site’s layout is working and how it can be improved.


Conversational Collaboration

Whether working with your new team or with other start-ups, collaboration is a vital part of getting a business up and running. Streamlining and simplifying that collaboration process is just as important. Slack provides an intuitive, informal interface that makes communication on a project clear and concise.

One of the additional benefits of Slack is that many of the other apps and programs you use such as Mailchimp, Google Drive and Twitter integrate seamlessly with your conversations.


Simple Visual Project Management

Trello is another app that integrates into Slack. It uses a clean, crisp drag and drop style interface that syncs across platforms and users. Like a digital version of the Kanban card system on which the Agile Development Process is based, Trello lets you add images, files and lists to each card on a board.

Even seemingly simple projects can spiral out of control if not managed properly. Trello is the perfect app for keeping track of your projects’ progress.


Streamlined Invoicing

Part of being an entrepreneur is (eventually) making money from your business. At some point that will involve a lot of invoicing. It can be a tedious task that can also consume a lot of your time, time that could be spent far more productively.

Wave is an app designed to simplify invoicing and receipts. As part of a larger, integrated cloud accounting suite Wave not only makes compiling and sending invoices simple it also lets you know when they have been paid or when they are overdue.


Social CRM

One of the bigger challenges faced by digital entrepreneurs is Customer Relationship Management. You may have had a successful weekend at a convention, collecting hundreds of business cards and email addresses, but capitalising on that list requires a real, concerted effort.

Batchbook not only provides a great way to pull together your client list into a meaningful, useful asset but it also draws information from your social media networks. You can create custom databases of meta information around your contact list using tags and easily keep track of important on-line conversations with clients.



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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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