5 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Every business owner knows the importance of advertising and marketing their small business, but your budget is the largest factor in how little or much you promote your business. So here are some quick low cost ways to promote your small business.

With a few pointers, you will be able to promote your business without breaking the bank. Since there are so many choices for high speed internet providers and many people use their phone, tablet and laptop to search for businesses online a few of the below options are free ways to promote your business online. These five tips will astound you by how affordable and effective you can be with a bare minimum of capital investment.

Social Media.

What type of service is provided to every person with a smartphone? Everyone has access to the Internet, and with the Internet, they can access Facebook pages, Pinterest and Twitter. These social media websites provide places for individuals to post whatever information they want; however, they also have proven to be effective in marketing your small business.What does operating a social media page cost you? A little bit of your time. Why social media? It's a media platform that almost everyone uses. You can post information about upcoming sales, specials and promotions, which will result in increased publicity for each event, depending on your followers.


The first thing that normally comes to mind when you are looking for more information — a website. Websites tie everything on the internet together. You can link your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all on the same site. These links compound on each other, so you'll be receiving more hits and advertisement than ever. It's easy and cheap to setup a website.By typing in business website hosts into Google, you'll have a list to choose from. Some of them will even come with a setup service. Your website ties everything together and provides a means of digitally marketing your services and products. The perfect solution to getting your small business into the eyes of the world.


Your local community is likely to be your best bet. Charity events come with sponsors from the local community. A sponsorship banner will display your affiliation to everyone at a non-profit event. All you may have to do is give a donation of time or money. Besides, anything done for a non-profit or charity is deductible on your taxes. It's a double win.

Free Consultations.

Expertise is a big seller in all industries. The longer you have been performing in a business, the more work experience you have. People will pay to have your expert advice, but you could even make it free. Free advice will open the doors to larger jobs and long term business.A free consultation can almost double your chance of landing the job. Consultations also give you a great opportunity to network with other professionals. Professionals of all trades and services outsource work to free up their precious time. You never know when you may need one of these professional services.

Free Gifts.

People like to hear the word free next to anything. If it's free, most people wouldn't mind having one. All you would have to do is setup a small box of pens in your office or reception area. Every time a client picks up a pen, you are gaining publicity wherever the pen goes.Free gifts also remind people of your generosity in a subtle manner. Often, the reminder of your free gift wIll bring you return business, or the clients friends will inquire about the labeled pen whenever it's in use.

All of these options offer you a unique way of advertising, and you don't need to invest a significant amount of money into any of them. You can gain a strategic benefit for your business by combining these five low cost promotion techniques. You will be surprised by the benefit of these techniques, especially when used together to enhance your image and get your name out there.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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